Dirilis Ertugrul EPISODE 41 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 41 of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing. My uncle could not do anything because his leg was broken.When that bear was about to tear my uncle apart……my father came and killed the bear with his spear.You father is very brave.They became blood brothers then.Yigit, you will be going tomorrow.When you go, please don’t forget that you have a brother in Kayi tribe.Let us go.Yigit……look.Run.Oh God, who has given Luqman al-Hakeem the secret……protect us from incurable troubles.They are upstairs.Welcome, Nasir.You called for me, sir.Go to El Aziz immediately and tell him to stop Kayis from settling at our borders.-But, sir, Titus…-I cannot waste time by talking about……the stupid decisions Titus made.He is only a pawnwho thinks he is a vizier.It is very hard to dissuade El Aziz from his decision.He really liked the Kayis.Is El Aziz’s love for the Kayis so much……to take the risks of infecting whole Aleppo with plague?Did you manage to find the person who sent the spies to kill Ertugrul?According to the information I have, the Templars have mobilized all their spies.I am trying to uncover their sources within the palace.Come, Nasir, come. Come.Sir, the problem is important, I did not want to wait for the morning.Intelligence have been informing about the plague in Anatolia.

I wanted to be sure whether our potential allies have been plagued or not.Sir, I know, you like Kayis very much.I also believe that they are cut out for in case of a Crusaders’ attack…-But…-But what, Nasir?Sir, unfortunately most of their livestock have perished.Don’t……reject them from our borders, Nasir.Do you understand? Don’t.When he brings the agreement, I personally want to talk with Ertugrul.Come on now, Gundogdu.All the Beys have gathered in the tent.Today is the day.Do not talk likemy father has died, Kurdoglu.You are the tribe’s son as much as you are your father’s son, Gundogdu.Will you sit in your tent like a woman while your tribe is in trouble?As we move down to the plains from the highlands the troubles shall cease……and my father will get well.I have nothing else to say, Kurdoglu.Do you know what you will face while going down to the plains from the highlands?What are you trying to say, uncle?I am saying that……this path we are taking is not wise, son.This is the headquarter’s decision and my father’s order.This is my final word, Kurdoglu.

Do you think that I want to be the acting Bey……and to sit in the tent under your father’s shadow?Don’t you know me, Gundogdu?Wasn’t it you who said your father is too old to perform his Bey duties……and asked me to support you to become the new Bey?Didn’t I tell you that I would be supporting you until the end?What is your cause now?I am an old man with only a few years to live.I told you numerous times that the tribe needs a brave, determined Bey like you.I would like you to trust me until I save you from these problems……and make you a Bey in our new home.Come to the point, uncle.I have learned the real identity the ominous guests Ertugrul brought here.I know that Numan and his son are from the Seljuk dynasty, they are Shahzadas.Those people you were complaining about are from the Seljuk dynasty, Hatun.The man called Numan is a Shahzada and that girl you look down on, is a sultan.If we deliver them……the Sultan would award our tribe.We can settle in the best places of Seljuk territory.What do you want from me, Kurdoglu?Give up on Aleppo.Aleppo will be our doom.We should take them tonight……and deliver them to the Sultan, Gundogdu.May God heal you for our sake and for the sake of Kayi tribe!My Bey……we are ready for the ambush.You look surprised!Alpargu, leave us.

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