Dirilis Ertugrul EPISODE 40 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 40 of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing. There is no lie in my words.God is my witness.Ertugrul abducted Suleyman Shah’s guests last night.Their fate is unknown. In order to learn what happened to our Bey’s guests……I sent some of my Alps after them.In the morning,news of their death reached me.You are so keen to stir the tribe with your lies and tricks, Kurdoglu.Aren’t you ashamed to take advantage of my father’s illness?Gundogdu do not talk like you don’t know.You set this up with your brother.You disobeyed the order and gave the agreement given to you, to Ertugrul.One of us has to stay in the tribe and fight against Kurdoglu’s doings.Kurdoglu?He learned that Numan and his son are Shahzadas. Now he is trying to convince……the Beys in the headquarters to migrate somewhere in the Seljuk territory, not Aleppo.You are the one who is trying to take advantage of your father’s illness.You are the one who sits in his place, while he is laying in his bed.Thank God, the eyes of my blood brother are closed so he doesn’t witness all this.Let us go, Beys of Kayi.A headquarters not called by Suleyman Shah……is not a place we want to be in.What will happen now, Gundogdu Bey?

The order given by Suleyman Shah is still valid.Preparations for migration to Aleppo shall continue.We will not give up on our Bey’s words or his guests. With the help of God.We are almost out of the Seljuk territory, we can rest our horses here for a while.-How is he, mother?-The same, my son.Did you hear what was said?I think we need to set your father off as soon as possible.You are right, mother.We need to take him to the range before he perishes on the road.You are right, Gundogdu Bey.I can check and fix the old cart……for a more comfortable journey for Suleyman Shah.Thank you, Master.And this way we can help him heal if we make it to Aleppo as soon as possible.But I cannot come with you. You know that the tribe is like a witch’s cauldron.Don’t worry, Gundogdu Bey. I can take Mother Hayme and Suleyman Shah……to Aleppo safe and sound.We will leave early in the morning.If God permits.Look at Ertugrul.I would have never thought that he would kill the tribe’s Alps.You have been my assistant for nothing all these years, Alpargu.My Bey……this is a Crusader arrow.Bravo, Alpargu.You start to understand slowly.-Brother Turgut?-Yes, brave boy?

Dirilis1 EPISODE 40 40:27

How are you related to brother Bamsi and Dogan?They are my blood brothers.I have a blood brother as well now.Who is your blood brother?Dundar.But you blood brothers are always together……Dundar and I are separated.The world is not that big, Yigit.Mountains may not meet……but people can meet again.The hillside is quiet. There is no one in sight. How was your side?The downside is clear as well.This is a secure place.Everywhere is clear, why are you frowning.Because you couldn’t find an enemy?No, this man called Afsin is making me anxious.Do you know who he is?I don’t know either but it is not very important.Don’t tire your pea sized brain out with things like this.Your mind is not used to thinking.Look now, we are in the field beside the water, right?Shall we wrestle so that I can crush you to the ground?Alright. Alright but……do not cry when you lose!Let me go! I said let me go!Let me go!What about you and sister Aykiz?She is my sweetheart.Are brother Ertugrul and my sister Halime sweethearts too?Yigit Alp?

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