Dirilis Ertugrul EPISODE 31 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 31 of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing. When our Prophet saw the Muslims who had lowered their heads in despair……He said, “this flag shall be given to its rightful owner.Then the conquest would be inevitable.That owner would never back down from a fight, never lose hope from God!” He called the owner of the flag to His presence.Who did He call, Master Demir?The one who swings his sword in the name of God……the Pir of Alps, His Holiness Ali.Ali came to His presence and our Prophet ordered……“go and take Khaybar, Ali!” The horse’s feet are fast, the poet’s tongue is cast.To cut the long story short……Lion of God marched to Khaybar!He did not hesitate from those great walls nor from the infidel soldiers who……breathed fire like man dragons!He reached the gate of the fortress!He took refuge in God and barged so hard with his shoulder that……the gate which armies couldn’t demolish came down like rotted tree trunk……and fell down in front of him.They took the city.And they raised the black flag on the highest tower of the fortress.

Thus, it is God who did not open the gates of Aleppo to us……it’s God who opened the gate of Khaybar to Ali when armies couldn’t bring it down.Alp is such a man that when he loses a fight, he should not feel sorry……when he wins a fight, he should not brag.He should know that his responsibility is not victory but the campaign itself.He should always take refuge in God and never refrain from trying.Only then, those who carry the title of Alp will see that……the gates of cities, fortresses and hearts shall be opened to him.That should be known so, Alps!That should be known so.Your witness, the former guard……our madmen found him in a state where he won’t be able to lie anymore.Nasir.We have to act fast and reach the other witnesses before them.Come on, get up, Alps of Kayi.That Jewish trader.

I can find him in the hole he’s hiding in, no matter what.You can go and check the old barkeep.Come on.Everyone in Aleppo is looking for you at the moment.It is better for you to stay here.In the name of God.At this time of the night.I bring you news from Master Nasir.I told him before.It’s enough if you just reopen my saloon.The only thing I expect is to take my revenge from that boring Sahabeddin……for closing down the place I’m earning my living from.When you take into account the risk I faced, I do not thing that asking for……my saloon to be reopened is a big reward.Master Nasir’s news to you is not about your reward but about your death.Let’s pray that Aykutluk can reach the other witness in time.Titus, did you know that our dear friend signed a will stating that……all his wealth shall be donated to the Templars after his death?Maybe that is our friend’s way of repentance to crucifixion of Jesus.When we think about 1200 years of compound interest as well……the price he pays is acceptable.-What did you do? Did you finish him?-Yes, sir, but……after I killed the barkeep and went out……those Turkmens, Ertugrul and his men went in.-Did they see you?-No, sir.I ran all the way here without being seen.I thought that I should inform you……as quickly as possible.-Good.Now, pick a team of trustworthy men.

The password for every Episode is now giveme5.co. There is a password for Season one now. Thank you!

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