Dirilis Ertugrul EPISODE 30 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 30 of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing. Put the carpet down.-Shall I put it down?-You suckling veal……didn’t our Bey tell us to bring the woman in one piece?-But the soldier said put it down.-I said put it down!Our Bey gave himself up for this woman.-Bamsi, you take the carpet and go.-How is that possible, brother?Do what I say, Bamsi.Great God then!Have a good fight, brothers!I entrust Aykiz to you, Gokce.And you are entrusted first to God, then to the bookseller.I need to inform Suleyman Shah immediately.Do not worry.From now on, they are the daughters of our lodge.Look, Gokce.You are the only one with Aykiz.When you stay strong like you do now, I will not worry about you on the road.We should go then.AMANOS MOUNTAINS TEMPLARS CASTLE When Master went after you in a hurry, I don’t know how I completed the sermon.-Hold it straight.-Alright.How did you manage to escape from there?While we were trying to save the wolf from the trap, he saved us from there.Tell this fiddle-faddle to that priest here.I don’t care about the good tidings of your father in the skies.Thank God,I know both my father and my God.Pull.-In the name of Jesus!-In the name of Jesus!Arrow.The Ustad-i Azam is a clever man.He will bring up Yigit as a Knight Templar……and use him against the Seljuk.

What about the young man in the dungeon, Afsin Bey? What will they do to him?I do not know what they will do to him……but I hope we get out of here before we witness that.We will also not let Yigit to be oppressed any more.-With God’s permission, my Bey.-With God’s permission.Yigit!Let brother Turgut go!I said let him go!Enough!You descend from the murderers of my father……in fact, you deserve to die ever so much.Be thankful that you are Yigit’s friend.Shahzada’s friend is our friend.Come on, Yigit.If someone from us killed your father, he must have deserved it.Killing someone who doesn’t deserve it, is not something we would do.My father respected your religion.He spent all his life in these lands to understand the Muhammadans.If he was someone who respected our religion……search for his killers among people who do not even respect their own religion.Are you ready?He will be ready soon, sir.I am guessing that we are acquiring a friend from the enemy side.Please be rest assured, Hayme.With God’s permission, our tribe has never been left without a homeland or future……and it shall never be.A whole life that was spent to survive the Mongols…Every homeland has taken a piece of me from the Caspian Sea to here.Just like tearing my heart out.

It tore out and took them.My father……my brothers……my sisters.Then……my son.My Sungurtekin.I don’t even know whether he is alive or not.Trying to live on……without knowing whether my brave son is alive or not…As if these were not enough……now Ertugrul.If anything happens to him…Thank God, Deli Demir is back.Come on, have a seat.Welcome.Thank you, my Bey. Thank you but……the news are not that good.Tell us then. Is Ertugrul alright?Is my brave son alive, Deli Demir?Deli Demir!Is Ertugrul alive?I saw him with my own eyes.He is alive.But……he is in the dungeon.-What?What are you saying, Deli?Do you hear what you are saying?I wish I swaged my tongue with an anvil, my Bey……but that is just the way it is.Rahman, go to the tribe on the migration road immediately.Tell Gundogdu……to take Kurdoglu and the other Beys and come here in the quickest manner!Now……tell everything from the beginning, Deli Demir.Whatever you saw, whatever you heard.Did he speak?Pity…What a pity, Ertugrul.I don’t find it in my heart to see a brave man like you being tourtured.Vizier Sahabeddin who you have suffered so much for……deceived not only you but all of us.However, I see that you are still under his thumb.Who could think that Sahabeddin Tugrul would collaborate with those infidels?We got caught by someone who we have never expected from.

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