Dirilis Ertugrul EPISODE 29 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 29 of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing. Tomorrow, we will be leaving for Aleppo.Either we will get our homeland from there……or we will die! There is no other way.What about Ertugrul?We do not know what he is accused of.We shall learn and act accordingly.Gundogdu, you shall go to the moorland where we will settle.Have the tribe settle there but be ready for a war that might start anytime.Deli Demir, you ready the weapons.As you wish, my Bey.What will we do now, Nasir?What if Aftalia speaks?You don’t know Aftalia, Titus.She would never do anything to harm the Templars, you can be rest assured.You have still not learned that you can never be sure about people, Nasir.We cannot risk it.We should find Aftalia and bring her back, whatever the cost.Dead or alive.We are almost sure that they have kidnapped her from the palace, right?Has anything happened lately that drew your attention?Think a bit harder.No. Nothing.We took Ertugrul and put him in the dungeon.The rest was ordinary palace chores.What about before?Wait!Where are you taking these?His highness Ameer and Leila Sultan’s governess Ummulhayr Hanim ordered us……to change the carpets of the Harem.Guard!Bring the governess to me!

Nasir is looking for Esma everywhere in the palace.He will be aware of her absence soon.Ertugrul……they tortured him in the dungeon.-You…-My brother, don’t!We are not like them. We do not torture.We do not owe our enemies anything but justice.There is more news.Some people came to the lodge from your tribe.They said two young women and an old man.They asked the bookseller about Ertugrul.I am going.Nasir……I told you not to be like Kara Toygar.But you are suffocated in your illiteracy.I hope you can change some things before it is too late.I give you my respects, Commander Nasir.What am I doing here, Commander?Are you interrogating me?How can I do such a thing, Ummulhayr Hanim?You are the mother of this palace.How can you say that?There is only one small issue that stuck on my mind.-I wanted to consult you about that.-Do ask, I am listening.Did you recently give an order to donate the old carpets of the palace to the poor?

We continuously donate the old items in the palace to the poor……but I have not given such an order recently.Moreover, you know me, Commander……I do these charity work without showing off.Of course we know this, governess. You are the soul of Aleppo carved from a jewel.The protective wing of Aleppo’s poor.I do apologize for my inconvenience.Please.You can go back to your quarters.Guard!Prepare your regiment immediately.To a city where Ertugrul is in chains, where even the Alps cannot escape……how could you send Gokce?Selcan! Gokce volunteered to go.Have you forgotten that our women are as brave as our men?Do not worry. Nothing will happen to them.Would Deli Demir leave them and return if they were in an insecure place?Mother Hayme, Gokce is my only companion.If she is gone as well……how can I bear this pain?Do not fear.Selcan, look at me.Nothing will happen to them.Do you understand?Do not fear.God is the Greatest, God is the Greatest God is the Greatest, God is the Greatest My vizier, you can tell anything to this lad.

The password for every Episode is now giveme5.co. There is a password for Season one now. Thank you!

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