Dirilis Ertugrul EPISODE 05 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 05 of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing.

One can’t really ignore the Game-of-Thronesque nature of the titles or the storyline itself but the fact that the plot is closely following the historical path of the Seljuqs and the Crusaders makes for a very interesting viewing. Perfect for a binge-watch, the first two episodes are wound tight enough to begin an epic journey. This is something you definitely should be watching, regardless of where and how you stand politically. Keep an eye out for our regular reviews on Masala.

This time, when we started watching the show again, we decided to keep a centralized Google spreadsheet to keep track of all the major moments and scenes that we like to watch over and over again. Are we taking this too seriously? Well, maybe we are, but you can’t laugh at us until you have painfully tried searching for that one scene from a season of 76 episodes to no avail. Seriously, there are way too many episodes to remember what happened when.

So, here’s to making things easy for our other fellow Ertugrul watchers. If you are looking for a memorable scene or episode from Season 1, here you go!

(Note: we didn’t actually start tracking until we were halfway through the first season, but all of those episodes drag a lot anyway.)

The password for every Episode is now giveme5.co. There is a password for Season one now. Thank you!

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