EPISODE 77 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles has been reached to its end now. This Episode number 77 is the second last episode of Season 2. Guldaaro has become the bey of Tribe with Gold and Ertugrul want to move with his trusted person now. Mother Hayma is very sad about this. She is in the middle of between two sons one side and two on the other. The soldiers of Ertugrul are doing preparations for migration. Surprisingly two soldiers are ready to go with Ertugrul. They said they cant leave Ertugrul because he is their new Bey from now on. Saedtin Kopek cant bear it and he is very angry with Ertugrul that he does not listen to his orders. He sent his men to kill all men and women with Ertugrul. He gives instructions to his soldier that don’t leave anyone alive even the horses. Ertugrul was planning his root and he suddenly wants to change the root because of security reasons.

The new leader of Dodurga Tribe Akca Bey and Sarim are trying to stop Ertugrul to not get their soldiers with him. Ertugrul doesn’t listen to them and says don’t try to stop me. Noorgul is hiding in the bush and tries to understand the situation that what is the plan of Kopek. Noorgul is far from Ertugrulbut he is still helping him. Abdulrahman also wants to go with Ertugrul but Ertugrul tells him to stay with his mother and leave her alone. Shahnaz is very upset with all this situation. Hayma mother goes to they beys whom Guldaaro has given gold.When she enters in their tent they are counting the gold. Hayma mother angry with them.

Ertugrul tells his mother that she has to not worry about his father’s tent because his father soul will be happy with Ertugrul’s Journey. Zuljaan and all other soldiers also come to Hayma Mother to get blessings. Akca Bey has sent ten fake soldiers to Ertugrul. They do not willingly go with Ertugrul but its a plan from Akca and Saesetin Kopek.


After finishing Season 2 we will start immediately in Season 3 but there will be no schedule. When the Episode will be ready we will upload it. Maybe some time 3 in the week sometime two and sometimes one. We are working on this with all your support. Thank you very much for your cooperation. VimeoworkingNow is the password for this Episode.

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