EPISODE 75 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

Dirilis Season two is now almost at the end. In this episode number 75 with Urdu Subtitles, everybody is addressing so lot of Dialogues in the Episode.In the Episode, everyone is preparing for migration. Ertufrul has announced that he will nominate as bey of Kayi Tribe in this council. Ertugrul is back to the tribe with Sarim. Guldaro is totally mad on Ertugrul.He asks him why prince is here in the tribe. Guldaro also flames his mother against Ertugul that he has shed the blood of his own brother.

Mother Hayma was in shock and slap Ertugrul. Ertugrul doesn’t say anything and goto to under a tree and talking with his horse. The younger brother of Ertugrul Zuljaan is with Ertugrul. He talks to his mother that she didn’t do it well. Then he goes to Ertugrul to that tree. He tells him that he will be with him on his new path. Sarim is well and out of danger. Guldaro asks Ertugrul to support him in tomorrow council meeting. Hew remember him about his words that he always said that hunt is mine and council is yours. This time Ertufrul has known that he should also enter to the council so he tells Arif and his soldiers that he will participate in the council meeting and also up for Leadership. He also tells Guldaaro and Hayma mother that from now on Hunt and meeting both are for him. Ertugrul warns them that he can not entrust his father tribe to blind people who cannot see that Kopek is creating discord between brothers. Saarim and Guldaaro all family become angry at these words of Ertugrul.​

Guldaaro is doing everything for becoming the leader. He also goes to Akca who is under control of Saedtin Kopek Hayma Mother is very worried about the discord between his sons. Guldaaro also tells Shahnaz to talk with the women of Kayi. Halima tells Ertugrul that she is with him like a soldier in his path. Saedtin Kopek is happy to hear about Noyan’s death and also Sarim and Ertugrul fight. In the tribe, everybody is talking with the people camp. Ertugrul address to Soldiers and they all ensure him that they are with him on this holy path. Guldaari is talking with Beys but he doesn’t get a good response so he becomes angry and he starts arguing with Mr, Arif who was addressing to another group of Beys. Halima and Shahnaz are addressing to the women of both tribes. 

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