EPISODE 73 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

In the Episode number 73 of Dirilis Season 2 with Urdu, Subtitles Ertugrul reached to Noyan place where he was burning the body of Shaman. Noyan was happy to see Ertugrul like he thinks that his Gods listen he prays and Ertugrul has sent them. Then they have a fight and at the end, Ertugrul catches Noyan and Baaqir alive. Noorgul is very angry that Ertugrul didn’t kill Noyan at the spot. Ertugrul doesn’t like that anyone asks him about his doings. He thinks that he is the Bey and no one should question him. Noorgul becomes very angry because of not taking revenge of Shaheena and Damir baba. Ertugrul tells him that he doesn’t want their bodies.

He wants to get them to Sultan Alauddin and want to expose Saedtin Kopek in front of him. Noorgul still didn’t get the word of Ertugrul. When Ertugrul tells him to not lose hope and stand tall. Ertugrul says that he doesn’t want to see a weak and hopeless soldier in front of him. Noorgul takes this word wrongly. He tells Ertugrul that if he doesn’t want to see a weak and hopeless soldier in front of him then leave me in my own way. Noorgul just divides his way from Ertugrul way. Ertugrul is very disappointed by Noorgul. Babar and Roshaan are very wondered that what Noorgul did.

Halima is doing her job as Ertugrul said to her. She is persuading the women of Kayis. She is telling them about fertile lands where they will become bigger and stringer. Guldaaro and Sungurtekin do not agree on wit Ertugrul doings. Especially Sungurtekin is blind to obey the Saedtin Kopek. Saedtin Kopek start to catchup a Bey of Dodurga named Akca Bey. Kopek doesn’t want  Mr. Arif as Dodurga’s Bey. He just wants to set his own man to Beyship. Ertugrul wants Mr.Arif as the New bey of Dodurga. Guldaaro doesn’t want to tell Ertugrul place to Sungurtekin but later on, He tells the Ghani cave to Sungurtekin. Shahnaz is very worried about the migration.

She really doesn’t want to lose his beloved ones. When she see Halima is persuading the women of tribes to goto Byzantine Borders. She starts crying. She tells Halime that please don’t leave me her. She is like a sister to her and after Roshni’s death, she is the only sister to her. Halime is working on her husband duty. When Mother Hayma asks Hailme that what is she doing Halime says that she is only following his husband path. Sugurteking and Guldaaro are afraid of split the tribe. Tey is thinking that Ertugrul will get their people and also brave soldiers. BamsiDogan is the password for this Episode.

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