EPISODE 63 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

We have reached now the 63rd Episode of Dirilis Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. There is a peace in the camp now after getting rid of the traitors. In the last episode Maherdin dramatically executed by Ertugrul. Gonchagul has run away from the tribe and soldiers can’t find him. Roshan tries to tell Gulbano in an emotional way that if she wants to be her wife. In this episode, Ertugrul was talking with his horse about his missions. He was thinking about his father who comes in his dreams and told him about that he would be the banner of Islam. Ertufrul told his Father that he is only following his path nothing else. In this Episode, Nau-Roz Celebrations are there.

This is the first day of Spring. After getting rid of betrayals everyone in the tribe is happy and in peace. The celebrations of Nauroz are enjoyable. NoorGul has started his father workplace. He started to forge the iron with Ertugrul and Ertugrul remembered Deli Damir when he was working with his Ustad Deli Damir. Mr Arif told Ertugrul about the condition of Guldaaro that he should send to Erzurum to a skilful physician. Guldaaro tries to wear his War dress and failed.

He becomes very angry that he couldn’t even wear his dress on his own. The Evils Kopek and Gonchagul are united with Noyan. Kopek brings Gonchagul to Noyan. Gonchagul remembers when Guldaaro bring Noyan to the tribe so she recognised him in a second. Noyan said to her that we both are made of one Fabric. The rest of story you will watch in the Episode. Season two is now near to end. After Season two completed we will start Saeon there as well insha’Allah. so keep watching Dirilis Season two with Urdu Subtitles and Enjoy. Nauroz is the password for this video.

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