EPISODE 62 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

The first scene of this Episode number 62 Dirilis Season 2 with Urdu Subtitle is amazing. Saeditin Kopek is here to stop the execution of Maherdin. This time there was Ertufrul not Guldaaro. Taimoor has just allow Ertugrul to execute Maherdin. When executing was going on Maherdin was telling people to stop because he is innocent. Ertugrul said him to say “Shahadah”. Mother Hayma and Taimoor tell Kopk that they are witnessed of confessing Aliya and Gonchagul that they have murdered Sardar Khushnud and his wife Nuro Khatun with the help of Maherdin. Kopek doesn’t want to listen to them and impose his own justice in Karavansare. When Kopek goes Ertugrul courage his people to not afraid of that poor example of leader of state. Guldaro health is not good.

Even Mr Arif said to Ertugrul to back the responsibilities of leadership of Soldiers from Guldaro for the sake of both tribes. Tahir has to become a real soldier now and Noorgul want to forge his first sword in the place of Damir baba. Ertugrul is also came to blacksmith place and remember Deli Damir with Noorgul. Kopek anger is on peak this time. Roshaan purpose to Gul Bano and what she said you will watch in the Episode. Noyan is back in the Episode and he is praying in the first scene of him in the Episode. so this is the start of the Episode rest of Episode you will watch. Thank you! This Episode is also password protected. Delidamir is the password for this Episode.

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