EPISODE 59 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is Episode number 59 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. In the start of the Episode Noorgul is sitting alone in his tent and thinking about his love Shaheena. As he was deeply rejoicing his memories with Shaheena, Ertugrul comes to his tent. Noorgul welcomes him and invite him to join him with Allah has given to him. Ertugrul sits there with Noorgul and starts eating. After eating he admires the expertise of Noorgul in cooking as well as holding a sword. Actually Errtugrul wants to talk with Noorgul about his future. When Noorgul tells him that he has learned that how to look after himself, Ertugrul tells him that if Shaheena can express her feelings after seeing you like this she will be also sad. You should thought about you future life as the love makes a soldier more strong.

After all their talk Ertugrul also tells the name of girl which Noorgul should marry but i am not telling you the name here as its is a suspence yet. Noorgul agreed at last with Ertugrul. Saedtin Kopek is still behind Aslihan. He comes to the tent of Aslihan and she welcomes him as Emir of their state. Saeddtin thanks her to welcome him but she clearly tells him that she always give respect to her state’s Emir. Saedtin is begging for the love of Aslihan and he emotionally blackmail her that if you break your promise then you will not only do it bad with yourself but your reputation will also be ruined. Aslihan tells her that i have promised with my brother that i will take care of his tribe.

Emir saedtin tells her that i am Emir of Seljuk Empire, i can do anything for you but Aslihan tells him that we can take care of ourselves. Then Emir started to threaten her that if you leave me you will face away in your self-imposed solitude. Aslihan says some harsh words to Saedetin but he is not agreed to leave her. He threatens her more by turning down this good luck, you will rot away within your tribe. After all threats Aslihan set her strong and give him back the engagment ring. Kopek is still talking that when you beeauty wilts and gets scattered like a dried leaf by the winds of vanity you will regret knocking your head against the wall.

Ertugrul is really serious about this matter of Noorgul so he calls Mother Hayma and Halima to his presence to discuss. They come to Ertugrul and hope for everything well. Ertgrul talks to them about the Noorgul wedding and tells him the name of that girl. They tell Ertugrul that Noorgul loves for Shaheena is still in place inside his heart. How a woman can tolerate it but Ertugrul Hope for the best and tells them that by the time everything will be ok. Halima also tells her concers too but Ertugrul tells them the benefit of this marriage. Their one concern is Saedtin Kopek. Ertugrul tells them to not worry as Noorgul is powerful enough to handle with Saeditin intrigues. He give this duty to Mother Hayma and Halime to talk with the girl and ask about her consent. Ekaterina has full charge of the castle now. Nickolas gets a letter from Emperor, Emperor advised them to negotiate with Turks and he is also sending Commander Ares to conduct the peace negotiations here.

Ekaterina is agreed with the Sultan decision but Nickolas is still thinking that we could have to fight them and have even been victorious. Ekaterina again tells him the truth that our most of the soldiers have died and if we demand new Unit, Ertugrul will cut off their way and kill them. Nickolas tells her that we could have died with honor like Visuilis. Ekaterina tells that visuilis has died in vain because of his greed and anger. As long as our castle exists, our honor will remain intact, too. Nickolas asks Ekaterina that so your are the authority now in the castle and our Emperor also convinced on this. Nickolas tells that the Emperor who is very late to take actions for our state now gives authority to a woman who does not know her boundaries. While talking a soldier comes in and inform Nickolas that a Turk has come and he tells that he is as an envoy on behalf of the Sultan.

Mother Hayma and Halima comes to Aslihan for an important meeting. Aslihan tells them that she got a great honor to welcome them. Mother Hayma tells Aslihan that you are my daughter you know so how we can close our eyes that you don’t want to marry with Emir Sedition. We are always here to help you. Aslihan becomes stronger with these words of Mother Hayma and she tells everything to Mother Hayma that i have talked harsh words on the face of Emir Saeditin but he is not giving up. Mother Hayma tells her that this is the habit of men that they cannot accept the loss easily. If the love is one-sided then their life becomes a nightmare. Aslihan agrees with Mother Hayma and tells her that her life is already becoming like this. They tell her that you need a man who can say to Emir Sadedtin that Aslihan is half of my body, stay away from her. Mother Hayma tells her the trick to get rid of Emor Saedtin and I am not disclosing this secret of this Episode.

This is second last Episode of Season 3 which we have successfully brought here. We have the only problem that some people are uploading our videos on Facebook as they have no benefit for that but we have to get a loss because of them. If we can stop them to do this we can warn more and we can translate this series from other people by paying them. So we have decided to take measure to stop those groups or channel who are directly uploading our videos on Facebook. We will think on that time when we will start Season 4 that what we have to do with those people. This is Enough for this Episode yet. These last two Episodes are long Episodes so both Episodes will be divided into two parts. Password will be announced when both parts will be uploaded. The first part has been uploaded and password for first part AslihanNoorgul1. The password for the second part is AslihanwedsNoorgul. Thank you and be patient!

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