EPISODE 57 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

This is Episode Number 57 of Dirilis Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. In this Episode, the best part is the Ertugrul’s plan. You can say it a master plan. Ertugrul was said that this battle will be battle of Brain not sword. Ertugrul set a master plan to show the truth of all evils. He didn’t only reveal all the evil but he also shows it to his brother Guldaro and cousin Taimoor. so they can see it with their own eyes. Roshan and Gulbano are leaving their traces because they have to be found according to Ertugrul plan. As Taimoor is now leader of the tribe so he sends Guldaaro to search for Roshan and Gulbano. First, he was going himself but then Maherdin stops him to go himself as he has to now sit in the camp now after he becomes the bey. Shahnaz is the main character of his plan and Mr Arif also helps Ertugrul in some important part of the game. Guldaaro is loyal to Taimoor as he wants to join hands with the Dodurga tribe. Roshni comes to Hayma mother to tell about Taimoor fury but this time Mother

Hayma stops her to come again to her. Babar has started to seek the knowledge and he is attending the classes. He said that he as to fight with infidels with knowledge and Education not only with Sword. Searching for Gulbaano is continued and there are a lot of turns in the Episode. Does guldaaro come back with Gulbano ad Roshan or not? at the end, Saedit Kopek is again into the Episode and what he plans with Maherdin you will watch in the Episode.

Dirilis Season 2 is becoming very interesting with every Episode. We are trying to reach with our announced schedule. We already inform all of you that insha’Allah we will be upload Episodes according to our Schedule in future. We are very thankful to all of you. We are here only because of your support and love. we will continue our work with all the Episodes with all seasons Insha’Allah. Some people have written very nice words for our channel page and website we are very thankful to them. 

Thanks for watching. Enjoy!

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