EPISODE 56 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

Dirilis Episode 56 has been released now. Every new Episode has a new suspense and new intervals.  Guldaro is again stuck with his mind. He couldn’t judge right and wrong. Roshan is ready to take action to save Gul Bano. Is he successful in his mission or not. Maherdin sends his soldiers to follow the Ertufrul and his Soldiers. So it is not easy to do anything. Noorgul has made a wonderful plan. That was really very interesting to watch.  Ertugrul plan is fantastic to escaped Gul Bano with Roshan.  The greetings for the leadership of Taimoor are continuing in the tent and on the other side Gulbano escaping plan is going on.  All the beys are in favour of the unity of both the camps but Ertugrul has other ambitions. 

Aliya is flaming Taimoor fury and on the other hand, Gonchagul is doing same with Guldaro and flaming his anger for Shahnaz. Roshni is again against her sister Shahnaz. How she comes against Shahnaz again you will see in the episode. Taimoor fury brings him in Shahnaz tent. He wants to kill Shahnaz but Roshni was there who saved her then later on Hayma Ana and Ertufrul hear about this. Taimoor beat Shahnaz and Ertugrul came. Hayma Mother is also there to stop Taimoor. The necklace mystery is also open in this Episode. The necklace is now in the hand of Guldaaro.

He showed it to Mother Hayma and Ertugrul. Halima also trying to tell Guldaro that it is all a game but Guldaro cant understand anything. so, in the end, Taimoor knows about Gul Bano escaping you will watch the rest what he did and after knowing about his father affair with Aliya what was his response. This Episode is really interesting and like all episodes, the story continues and have a lot of intervals. Keep enjoying to watch Dirilis season 2 with Urdu subtitles only on www.giveme5.co

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