EPISODE 54 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is Episode number 54 of Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. This is another tearful Episode. Aliyar is severely wounded and counting the last breathes. Aslihan is crying that my brother Stayed at foreign for so many years. After his coming to the tribe he never see a day wothout problems. Aliyar jusyt move his hand and he call Erugrul to his presense. Mr. Arif sends Ishaque to call Ertugrul immediately. Ertugrul is busy with Sultan Alaudiin who is disguising as Abu Mansoor here. He tells all the situation of the vincity. Erugrul give a hope to Sultan that he can conquer the castle with his soldiers as he dont need of the Sultan’s Army. I have just written the next scene in the previopus Episode mistakenly. In this scene Mother Hayma, Halima and Gunduz coames to Ertugrul to thanks Abu mansoor and Abu Mansoor named him Savci.

While they are performing the ceremony of his nameing Ishaque comes in hurry and tells him that Aliyar Bey is calling him to his tent. Ertugrul comes to Aliyar and Aliyar said that its time to leave the burden of this life. My sister and tribe is entrusted to you. You have to conquer Karachaisar castle and revenge of our valiant martyrs. Aliyar ask for the blessings of Ertugrul. Ertugrul tells him that he is honoured to have fought beside such a brave man as you. i will continue to pursue our goal without hesitation. Ertugrul has tears in his eyes. While Ertugrul is here Aliyar says his testimonial and martyred.

Ibn ul Arabi is praying to Allah for the excpetnce of their martyred. As he is is praying there AbdulRehman comes there to call him for saying the funeral prayer of Aliyar Bey. Aslihan is broken because she has lost a brother like his father and mother. Mother Hayma is and all tribe is going to the Funeral and Halima also want to go with them as she doesn’t want to leave Aslihan alone. Aslihan ask for revenge to Ertugrul for her brother. Ertugrul tells Aslihan to stand tall and maintain your composure. Ertugrul is sitting with Sultan and there he announce to make Ertugrul the Bey of Principality there. This Episdoe is another tearful Episode because the death of Aliyar is in this Episode. He is a very trustful and brave companion of Ertugrul.

Ertugrul is also in a deep grief to be seperated from his precious friend and brother. Aliyar calls Ertugrul and tells him to comquer Karachisar castle castle and kill that bastard Visuilis. He also tells him to take carer of his tribe and his sister. He just say Shahdah and martyred. Ibn-ul-Arabi was praying for the cause of Ertugrul and people who are in this cause. AbdulRehman comes to Ibn-ul-Arabi and tels him to say the funeral prayer of Aliyar, Aliyar just leave the World silently. He is away from his family in all his life and when he comes back he just meet with difficulties and worries and now he just gone from ths world.

The Cavdar Tribe is now without leader and their soldiers are without commander, Kati tribe is supoorting with thier all morality. They are dong their best to stand tall the people of Cavdar. Ibn ul Arabi also tells them the Ayah of Quran and Ahadees to motivate them. Ertugrul also addrss to people after the Funeral prayer and Aslihan also. Saedtin Kopek also arrived at the time of Funeral prayer. Saedtin Kopek goes to Aslihan after Funeral where Mother hayma is already sitting with her. When Saedtin arrived there she get alone Aslihan.

Saedtn Kopek say his condolences to Aslihan first then he talk about his marriage but this time Aslihan tells him about her decision that she want to live in her tribe. At the End Saedtin goes in the presence of Sultan where Ertugrul is already there. Sultan tells him that its good that you also come here as i want to tell you that Ertugrul will serve my state as Bey of Principality. This Episode is longer than one hour so i have to split it into two parts the password for the first part is Aliyargreatcompanion and password for the second part is ErtugrulPrinciplaity. So watch and Enjoy!

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