EPISODE 53 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

Dirilis Season 2 Urdu Subtitles Episode number 53. In the last Episode, you have seen that what Ertugrul have done with Maher Din. This Episode is Ertugrul vs Maherdin Episode. Maher Din is doing his games when he saw that Ertugrul and Shahnaz are not resting. Guldaro is again blind as he cannot see that other people are using him. He is after Gonchagul. Hayma Ana took a bold decision when he sees that Maherdin and Aliya are playing games. Roshni has come back to her senses and Taimoor is also polite. Shahnaz and Khushnud are against each other because Shahnaz told everything to Khushnud. Halima told Ertugrul about complications of Guldaro but Ertugrul was thinking about his Tribe not only brother.

In this Episode, there are very beautiful and soulful words of Ibn ul Arabi. He was also talking about the current situation of Muslims. He told Erutugrul about his next mission and what he has to do. Guldaro is very Emotional about his breakup with Gonchagul. In this situation, Saarim is with whom? We are uploading this Episode again on Youtube. Sorry for Late release. Thank you very much. Enjoy!

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