EPISODE 51 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4

You are Watching 51st Episode of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. My Artuk B y.. how did we lose Halime Hatun all of a sudden? That was what Allah has decreed, Gunalp Bey. She did seem healthy. But, we were subjected to all kinds of trials and tribulation for so long, survived many crisis. Even though Halime Hatun stood strong and weathered all the storms… it is obvious that all this has greatly affected her heart. And, when you add the birth pains to all of that… evidently, her heart could no longer bear the pressure. For our Bey. this will be a hard trial. To be parted from a hatun he loved more than his soul, will come heavy on him. Although he is tiding to put on a brave face… it is not easy on him. Don’t I know it, my brother, don’t I know it. It is so very hard to come to grips with that.

However… our Bey is well aware that… Almighty Allah is the One Who gives life and takes it away. [refers to – Al Baqarah 2:28; Al-A raf 7:158]. As for us we will give support to our Bey, my brother. O, my Almighty Allah (swt). My Halime A gazelle eyed… faithful hatun of mine. My beloved, whom I saw in the twinkling of an eye, and…” lost my heart to, at the first sight. The mistress of my scarlet veil. The hope of my destiny.. and pride on my forehead. [Dede Korkut – Poem] Are you now leaving our white tent to be laid into the black soil? Has it been written in my fate… to live to see you wrapped in this white shroud? What should I do now? Whom should I turn to9 To whom should I return? The grief now crowds my heart. My heart moans under the veil of my dark sorrow.

You are the mother of my three sons, you are my gazelle-eyed hatun. And you too, along with my three sons, you gave me the world of eternal bliss. My Lord (Rabb) has rewarded me with such a beautiful destiny… to be the hatun you would lose your heart to… and to become the mother of your children. Oh, mother of my three sons. Oh, the brave hatun of mine. Please, don’t worry yourself about us. I’ll look after our three valiants you entrusted me with, the best I can. For so long… you weathered all kinds of storms and. . endured quite a lot of pain.

You went through all sorts of trials and tribulations. You have protected our tribe and kept our children safe. Whatever whatever I do, I could never repay you the way you deserve it. My gazelle-eyed mother. My beautiful mother. Grandmother m ‘ My mother will not leave us, will she? My mother has yet to see me grow up as an Alp. She has yet to see me girded with my sky blue sword, instead of wooden one. She wanted to see my Nikah (wedding ceremony). That’s what she always said to me. My brave hearted. You must remain strong. You are the eldest of you three brothers. You are responsible for them. You must keep them on their feet, protect them and give them strength. Consider your brothers, what would they do if they see you like this, ha? Even if I remain strong… my brothers are still too young, grandma. What would they do without my mother?

Osman is still a newborn. Don’t trouble yourself over that, my brave hearted. Allah will help us If you break to pieces.. your mother and father would be upset, wouldn’t they? I will take good care of my brothers, grandma. I shall not allow even a little stone to harm either Savci or Osman. Was I supposed to… listen to your Salat al-Janazah (funeral prayer) one day, my Halime? Come on brother. Come on, Artuk Bey, the time has come. Do we have permission, my Bey? Come in My Bey. The time has come. My Gunduz Come on now, the time has come] My mother hasn’t died, grandma. You cannot take her. I will not let my mother go! Don t do this. son. What did we talk about before? No grandma, they cannot take my mother. My Gunduz You cannot take my mother, I will not allow you. My gazelle-eyed mother! My mother’s place is here in her Akga tent, not in the dark soil. I shall not allow my mother to go into the dark soil, father. My brave hearted, my son… my Gunduz. Allah is the One wh

Remember that… death is not a separation, my Gunduz. My beautiful mother, my brother needs you. Come on get up, mother! Those who loves each other… will be reunited in the Akhira (hereafter). Now your mother is the one who will go there However, sooner or later we will all go to her side, too. My beloved mother! Just as we lived all together here… we shall be reunited and will be all together there, too. Besides, you need to protect your brothers. Come on my brave hearted. You need to pull yourself together] Your mother wouldn’t want to see you like this. You must stand tall And be strong The beautiful mother of mine! My gazelle eyed mother! My gazelle eyed mother! uos A|/| We need to find milk for Osman. There are no new births from any of the sisters in our tribe, so what are we going to do? Artuk B y Yes, my Bey Spread the word around, to all tribes in the vicinity. My Osman needs milk. Find someone who can give milk and bring her here.

The command is yours, my Bey. Bismillah (in the name of Allah). Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim [In the name of Allah swt, the Merciful and the Compassionate]. Welcome, Traveller. Glad to see you. Dispose of this insipid Byzantium’s wine, Tekfur. From now on we shall drink the Turks’ blood. Turk’s blood? Why yes, the Turk’s blood. And, the most dense one, at that. Ertugrul’s blood What is it you are trying to say? Ertugrul is brokenhearted, Tekfur. Ertugrul’s wife has just died. So, before he is able to soar again… we are going to clip his wounded wings. Your words sound nice. They sound nice, but I’m not interested in nice words but rather specific ideas. Scholars and merchants are flowing into Ertugrul’s lands. Within a very short time, the Turks will be anchored in these lands. And since we don’t want that to happen, we will. be attacking the merchants.

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