EPISODE 51 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

In this episode, the story is changed in a sudden. The Series is entered in a new suspense and thrill. Everybody is near to the success of their missions. The whole story is changed now you will watch all sequences are now entered into some thrilling moments. Noyan has totally in a changed environment. Tangut is totally changed. Sarim and Deli Damir what are they doing and what is their new mission. I just want to say this Episode just changed the whole Environment of the series. You can say all sequences have turning point are in this Episode. Maher Din is thinking he is near to his principality. Shahnaz  and Halima mission is also going forward. Saedtin Kopek played his cards. Ertugrul has completed his mission. Gul Bano has also some clues about the unfaithfulness of Aliyah. Here are Khushnud, Taimoor and Roshni? 

Hayma Ana is very sad to separate again with Sarim.  She is once again in a very aggressive mood. Ertugrul met new people and got his sword flag and Quran Paak. This Episode is full of turning points. Everyone’s story is turning in this Episode. You can say this Episode is the turning point of Season 2.

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