EPISODE 50 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is another wonderfull and lessonful Episode of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles which is 50th Episode in Urdu Subtitles series. Ural is back to his tribe with the help of Visuilis and his soldiers. He enters in his tribe with no obstacle beacuse his beys already set everything for him. He enters to the tent of his loyal beys first and learn the situatuin in the tribe. They tell him that everything is ready as per your order and your give honour to your trube after coming here. All sword from drilling field are confiscated. They allocate their own soldeirs in important positions. They have gathered all beys into one tent with a trap. Ural is going to that tent to kill they beys.

Halima is teaching Hafsa that how to weave the rugs. She tells her the qulities of Turk rugs and tells her that the reason why their rugs are famous in all over the world is firmness of its tread and fastness of colors. She tells her how to weave and Hafsa starts practicing on it. Halima look at her mother who is thinking deeply. Halima just go to her and talk to her that she knows that she is thinking about Zuljaan. She encourage her to be strong, Zuljaan must be return in no time inshaa’Allah. Mother Hayma tells Halima that being a mother is like taking a sip of water from bowl of pain everyday. While they are talking Aslihan comes to workplace. Halima just see her and tells her mother woth joy. They are all very happy to see Aslihan after a long time. They are welcome her with hapiness and Aslihan is also be pleased to be here in his homeland. Mother hayma offer her Ayran to drink as she came of a long journey.

Ertugrul is in the Han to attending the council meeting woth Turkmen Beys. Ertugrul starts the council with the name of Allah. He tells the beys that it is an honour that they comes here. To united all Tribes , now there is no obstacle beteen us. Visulis who was trying to break this Unoty is harmed severely. The loyal Beys conforms their words that they heard of his victories. Their chests swelled with pride. He hang the soldiers of castle from the castle’s bastion. One of Bey thans Ertugrul to take revenge of his father who was coming to council meeting last time and martyed on the way. Aliyar also added that now Visulis cannot bother any of you. The treacherous beys taunt that we will see what Visulis will do and Ural will not stay waiting in the castle.

They are talking like this the Zuljaan enters like a charm and Ertugrul sees him and wonders. He asks him where were you and what is it? Zuljaan inform him with the dire situation which he sees in last Episode. He tells them that Ural is going towards Cavdar tribe with inforcemnt of Visulis Soldiers. Aliyar says that he is taking the advantage of my absence in the Tribe. Mr. Arif says how he knwo that you are here. The invitation for meeting were not send as secret? Then Ertugrul understand everything and he tells that this meeting is a game of Ural. Some of Beys are traitors among us.

Ural Brutality is on peak in his own tribe. He enters to the tent of beys and kill them all with his sword. He has no mercy on them. After killing them his loyal bey comes and inform him that everything is ready on the drilling field. Ural says, Trecherous beys has been killed now lets go to the treacherous soldiers. Kotluca is informed with the situation and he run away to the tent of the Beys. When he reached their he sees all beys are martyred. He become very angry and send his soldier to inform Aliyar about this severe situation. When Zuljaan tells that Ural is going with the help of Visulis to Tribe.

All turkmen Beys are Concerned with this that what Visulis has to do with Ural.This is not a good sign. After this Aliyar says that it is clear that who are traitors among us and get his dagger from the soldier. After seeing him Ertugrul also calls Safdar and take his sword. Aliyar grip a bey and push the dagger on his throat. Other beys ask for forgiveness from Ertugrul. They say please dont kill us we will tell you everything which we know buyt Ertugrul tells them that you will tell to Allah everything.

Ural brutality is going on in his Tribe. After killing his berys he is moving towards the Drilling fields, On the way he confront to Kotluca who was finding him. Ural asks him, Are your searching for me Kotluca? He also kill Kotluca after a fight with him. Kotluca say his testimony and martyred with honour. Now Ural is going towards the Drilling Field. THe soldeirs of Ural attcked on the women who are working in the workplace. Aslihan is also there now. When they attacked the brave women resist them. Those coward take a girl as hostage so everybody has to surrender. They have shift these brave women infront of main Tent. Ural comes there and everybody is shouting Ural Bey Live Long. Halima is worrying but Hayma mother tells her to not show her fear to these degerndaes. We have to distract him here so Ertugrul will come and save us. They talk with Ural that your sword is only enough for women. Actually they are making him busy in the words.

There is an Ural solier who is informing the situation to Visulis with throwing arrows. Visuilis gets the news that Ural has captured his Tribe. After that the situation is changed Ural trying to kill the women and in that time Ertugrul and Aliyar reached their with their soldiers. Visulis alos get this news that Ertugrul and Aliyar are galloping towrds the Tribe. From now there is battle in between both the tribes. When Ural sees that his soldoers are getting down he catch Halima and push his sword on her neck. Ertugrul says to him that let go her wife and fight like a man. Aliyar talk to his brother that how much yo will come down now Ural. You killed your own beys with your own soldiers. Actually Aliyar wants to tell the reality to his soldiers. He says him a coward who take refugee with making hostage to a woman. Ural order all solderis to kill them but all soldiers surrender to their traditions. Now Halima is under the mercy of Ural but Halima get a bite of Ural and in this time Ertugrul catch the sword of Ural and after a fight Ertugrul kills Ural with a dramtically scene.

When visulis gets the news of failing of Ural. The soldier signal him that the life of Ural is in danger and they have to go for help. Visulis taje hsi back to Ural and leave him. Soldier tell him that Number of Ural’s soldiers are more that Ertugrul’s. Then Visuilis tells him that War is not the game of numbers buit courage. So he leave Ural there with curse and move back to castle. Ural got punished. Aslihan is back to tribe but she see her tribe ruined. Aliyar tells her sister that we will make our tribe a garden of heaven. Everybody is happy, Mother Hayma is so happy to see her son Zuljaan. Hafsa meets Baber and Halima with Ertugrul. This is enough for this Episode. Watch this Episode on your screens. Its a wonderful EPisdoe which has a lot of lessons too. Please watch these Episdoe on our Website Exclusively Password for this Episode is TraitorsshouldbePunished so watch and Enjoy!

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