EPISODE 50 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

In this episode, you will watch about the execution of Noyan. Who is in favour of releasing Noyan and who is in favour of execution. The heart of people is broken because they don’t want to release Noyan. Noyan has suffered a lot to the people of the tribe and knows how people can release him like this. Saeditin Kopek is very clever and evil person. He is playing very nasty games in this episode. In this episode, you will watch what the consul decided for Noyan.

Who was totally boycott the council and did not come in the Council? Some One has just left the council when he has seen that there is no justice in the Council. There is good news for Shahnaz. Ertugrul and his soldiers are coming back to the Tribe after achieving their goals. Sarim played a very good game you will see in this episode.

The Password for this Episode is Sungur and remember the first letter is Capital.

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