EPISODE 42 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is EPISODE number 42 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. Zuljaan is blind in the love of that girl named Gunyali. He talk some harsh words to his sister in law Halima as she is thinking for his well being. While Zuljaan is busy in these girls matter, his brother and Bey is going to set a trap for infedels. There is a wonderful plan to capture that demon called Teo. Ertugrul sends his soldiers to go ahead and he himself is setting eyes on them. Gunkut is leading the caravan who is taking the ammunition to Divide in between the Türk Tribes. Ertugrul and his soldiers watching them from a distance.

Aliyar is in search of Ural and the Beys who are coming to meet Ural in secret. Ural is talking with the Beys and he is asking to every bey that if they are with him or not. He also tells them that if they don’t want their condition like my condition in my Tribe then they have to stop Ertugrul. He is also misguiding the Beys that our Sultan wants peace so we will not fight with infidel. Ertugrul is only fighting for his impossible ambitions and dreams. Aliyar is in search of them.

While searching Aliyar first meet with they Beys who are secretly comes to meet with Ural. Aliyar warns them to break this union with Ural. He also tells them that if they are in the side of Ural then remember that Ural is not his brother but his enemy. The friends of Ural are his enemies. Aliyar stops them to follow the steps of Ural. Beys replies that they are not following anyone’s footsteps. Aliyar warns last time that he is speaking one last time after that he will not speak but act.In the Castle Helena is worried about that how she take this news to Ertugrul that their life is in danger. Helena is being ready to goto the shop of Master Alvin ( Hacaturyan) to inform him. While she is getting ready Çolpan comes to her and ask her about where is she going? Helena tells that she has to change some fabrics that she didn’t like. Çolpan also suspect her so she ask her which fabric are you changing.

Helena tells her this weekend one. Çolpan cleverly asks her that what’s wrong in this fabric actually it is very beautiful. Helena tells her that the colors are light. Çolpan agreed then that she is a bride so she has to be with dark shades. Helena go to the market in the castle. First she goes to church and then to the shop of Master Alvin. She noticed in the way that two women are following her on the way. She manage to reach to the shop of Master Alvin and tells them about the situation. She tells them that Ertugrul’s life is on risk. They say to Helena to be calm that they already know everything about this. This is all the trap of Ertugrul to cath that demon Teo.

Ertugrul and his soldiers are watching them from a distance and Babar asks Ertugrul will they get into this trap which you have setup for them? Ertugrul tells him that they will and Visuilis will know that he has no peace neither inside the castle nor outside. Babar is still thinking about his revenge that he will ram the throat of Teo. Ertugrul tells that the blood of Teo is Halal for you like the milk of your mother. Babar mood is boosted he says live long Ertugrul Bey. He is talking about the conquest of castle that when they will conquer the castle the Saeditin Köpek will die with envy. Noorgul tells Ertugrul that today Babar will finish all the infidels and when their Sultan will come to conquer he will find no infidel in these lands. Ertugrul and his soldiers has a figth with the Teo Commander and his soldiers.

They have captured the Teo. Babar is about to kill the Teo but Ertugrul stops him to do this and tells him that now the things are changed. Now we need it alive. Teo also tells thea babar that Helena will be killed by Visulis as they know about her that she is the traitor in the castle. Babar becomes shocked and again and again he ask Ertugrul that how we shall save helena from Visulis hand. He will kill her when he learned that she gives us the news of ammunition. Helena risks her life for us and Justice how can we left her in the castle. Ertugrul stops babar that we ll not leave her in the castle. Password for this video is MaaleGhaneemaT so Watch and Enjoy!

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