EPISODE 42 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

After Season ONE of Dirlis, We are proudly presenting Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Did this soldier see that Ertugrul Bey do it and slander him?Yes, he personally saw it.That he was walking among wounded and taking lives.I cannot believe it.Sultan’s stooge Saadettin Kobek was also therewhile soldier was telling about what he saw.And this is his order.What does it say……Bey?Ertugrul will be slaughtered as he is seen.That is enough!Enough!I will find the truth behind it.My son is about to victim of a slander.I will never let it happen.Gumustekin is not a random man, mother.He is an important commander who has served for Alaeddin.I do not care about who he is, son.Nobody can convince me that Ertugrul killed them.And capturing Ertokus?They fought against Mongols together.They are friends from war.They are lying. Lying.Mother, I will not believe even if my brother would confess it.That’s an obvious conspiracy for him.This conspiracy is not just for him, it is for all of us.Mongols themselves who organized this conspiracy.If what you said is true then Mongols’ evil hand reached out to the palace of Alaeddin.-Is it true, mother?-It is true, girl.Now palace’s coyotes are trying to claw my hero who has been left alone by his mother, father and nomad group?

What do you know about it, Halime Sultan?All I know is this, Gundogdu Bey.You made him fell a prey to wolfs and birds with his hand which can not hold a sword.You threw him away in front of Noyan.May good things happen to us.To the people who establish states and who demolish states.Greetings from Artuk who is on duty.Things in Dodurga nomad group got completely mixed up.Ertugrul is accused by slaughtering of Ertokus.Artuk who is your eye that sees says that Ertugrul is innocent.Duty will be carried out when you order.Come on, little bird.It is time for you to fly.I will leave to collect herbs.Get the horse.Gundogdu Bey is really important to us.We must take him to our side.Do not offend him, brother.Father.-Welcome.-Greetings, girl.And as I told you Gundogdu is the best son-in-law you would ever have, brother.He seems like a truthful person.What if he gets in our way in the future?There is always a groom for a beautiful lady like Goncagul, brother.What do you think, girl?I think just like my aunt, father.He will be one of the closest brave guys next to you when we got margrave.How much we can rely on that soldier’s words, Gumustekin?

Ertugrul does not do such thing.You also know that.I only rely on my eyes and state’s order that Saadettin Kobek affixes a seal, Bey.I said that we should unite against enemy.I have estranged my children, my daughter-in-laws……from myself one by one.Bey.Our nomad group is in pain than ever before.Betrayals. Cruelty.It is not about unite after all.It is about becoming one heart.One heart.How will it happen while our heart is bleeding?Mother. Are you okay, mother?I am fine. I am fine, son.If we do not find Ertugrul and solve this situation Kayis will fall apart.If something happens to Ertugrul our nomad group and marquee would collapse, mother.Mother.It is Halime.I cannot find her.She took her horse and left.Bey, excuse us.What are you doing here, Halime?We have talked about it.You were not supposed to be here.It is too dangerous here.Seljuk Empire released a statement about you, Ertugrul.I knew it.Who had this information?Aytolun Hatun’s brother. Gumustekin.Welcome, Bey.Gumustekin! I want to talk to you.Gundogdu, Gundogdu.I know that you are mad at me.I know your deceased father and brother Ertugrul very well.I have loved and respected both.

I have always witnessed how they gave power to Oghuz.Then you should know that my brother did not play a part in this.I want to believe that with all my heart.I have been praying to God so it was not be like that since I heard it.Gumustekin, my brother is innocent and I am going to prove this.Ertugrul will not be executed without a trial. He could not be.Our state is not bandit.However if he would not be surrender and walking in the mountains soldiers will capture him.Then I can not do anything.Do your job as his brother.Get him so he will stand trial.The sword of customs has no scabbard.He would get his reputation back if he is innocent.It is the time for you to be a brother, Gundogdu.Get him and bring him to justice.What will we do now, Ertugrul?How will we escape from this swamp?You do not worry, Halime Sultan.God is the greatest game spoiler.Every situation is against you, Ertugrul.You are accused of killing soldiers of Seljuk Empire while we have Mongols evilness.Enemy always after me since I have set my heart on this path, Halime Sultan.As long as they are after me I will continue to be death of them.Bustle, fear, hopelessness are unmanly.Go back to your nomad group.Do not tell anyone that you talked to me.There is a traitor in nomad group.Everybody should keep their eyes open.I will do my best to reveal the truth, Ertugrul.But you should not keep me away from yourself in this war you started.Let us become martyr together if it is in our destiny.

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