EPISODE 34 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is Episode number 34 of Dirilis Ertugrul Season Three with Urdu Subtitles. Visuilis summoned Helena to a beautiful dinner dedicated to her. Helene thanks him firstly. Suddenly she becomes sad on the table. Visuilis asks her that Did you not like the food? Helene tells him that Everything is nice she is only sad that last time we ate at this very table was together with her father. Visuilis tells her that I know your pain but we will overcome all the pains when you will marry me. Then Visuilis asks about his offer that she has not answered yet and I am expecting a ‘yes’ from her. Helena tells him that this is a very serious matter how he expects to say ‘Yes’ straight away. Helena tells him that she wants time to answer to his proposal. Visuilis tells her that no problem I will wait patiently. He also gives her a Bracelet for her wrist and kisses her hand.

Ertgrul calls Babar to his tent and asks about Helena that Visuilis wants to marry her but is she also wants it or not. Ertugrul tells Babar that Helena is now their responsibility that her father entrusted her to us. Babar tells Ertugrul that Helena don’t like Visuilis and Visuilis also don’t love Helena but he is only doing all this to get more power in the castle. Ertugrul says if it is like that then we will not allow that. Ertugrul sends Babar to Helena to tell her doubts on Visuilis. HacaTuryan and Dumrul send the news of Batuhan to Ertugrul. Abdul Rehman tells the news that Dumrul sees him outside the castle. Obviously, he meets with Visuilis in the castle and when he goes out a man from the castle follows him.

Bugay comes to the cave of Aslihan. When Aslihan sees him she becomes very happy and she thanks to Allah that Bugay finds her. While Aslihan is asking Bugay to untie her, Batuhan comes and talk with Bugay. Aslihan shocks with this that Bugay is also his companion. She tells him that you are my father’s best soldier. Why are you doing this but Bugay shut her up? Batuhan tells all the plan to Bugay that how he takes the handkerchief to Aliyar and tells him this is a trace of his sister Aslihan. Then both brothers will come and fell in his trap. Batuhan also takes his blood on the handkerchief of Aslihan. The Ural is talking with his wife Colpan about Batuhan. He is planning to fo with Aliyar to fine Aslihan because if it is Batuhan, he has to kill him on the spot. Batuhan knows everything about him. If Batuhan tells Aslihan which he knows, he will also lose Aslihan after losing Aliyar.

Ertugrul is enjoying with his family in his tent. His son Gunduz asks his father that when am I gonna be the Bey? Ertugrul takes his cap and place it on the head of Gunduz and tells him that you are now Bey. Gunduz replies cleverly that how can a Bey be without a sword. Everybody laughs that his actual intention is to get the sword. Ertugrul also tells his son that The Bey doesn’t get his strength from his sword but from his mind and heart.

You have to become an Alp first then a Bey. Gunduz tells his father that Grandmother tells him that if you want to become a Bey you have to eat a lot of Katik (Yogurt Dish). Grandmother Hayma also tells him that if you want to become a Bey like your grandfather Suleman Shah and your father Ertugrul then you will have to feed both your belly and your mind. This is Enough for this Episode. Rest of Episode you canb watch on the screen and Enjoy! Password of this Episode is LastEpiB4Elections. Now next Episdoe will be uploaded after Elections inshaa’Allah.

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