EPISODE 33 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is EPISODE number 33 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. In the castle, Visuilis is waiting for Helena and Helena comes. Visuilis says to Helena that he knew that she is coming. She made him very happy. Helena asks visuilis that what matter you want to talk about. Visuilis directly tells her that he is in love with her. Visuilis purpose her and want to marry her. Helena is shocked by listening to this so to delay she tells visuilis that you know, I am still mourning. I have no will or power to answer your offer but it’s a great honor for me. Visuilis is talking yet, a messenger comes with a Letter and tells visuilis that this is the news which is you waiting. Visuilis just tells Helena that it’s not important and throw the letter. When he departed from there Helena reads the letter. The letter says that Aliyar is the new lord of Cavdar and Ertugrul is the first person who congratulates him.

Aslihan is fainted and fell to the ground. Batuhan takes her on his horse and walks towards his cave. After electing Aliyar as bey of Cavdar, Köpek is there to address people in the council meeting. He tells to see this unity between two great tribes. He is very happy and pleased with this. He also tells people of meeting that he will inform personally this good news to sultan when he will go to Konya. All Beys are also happy with this unity. Aliyar declares Kotluca as head bey. He also announces that the workplace established between the two Tribes will continue working.

Ertugrul further explains that we have done much progress. We will be ready to sell 1500 rugs in time. In the spring their business will more grow, Ertugrul further says. Dundar and soldiers are responsible for the safety of routes of trading. They are talking about the future plans with unity, suddenly the Ural speaks that he has done a lot for his tribe. He also lost his father and child. But everyone has played a game against him and Aliyar becomes the bey of the tribe. Saeditin stops him to be silent and accept the victory of Aliyar but the Ural is not ready to listen to anything. At last Köpek sends him out of the meeting.

Batuhan getting Aslihan to the cave on his horse. On the way, she asks for water. Batuhan tells her that they are very near to cave. In the council meeting when the Ural is accusing everyone that everybody plays a game against him Saedtin Kopek shut up him by saying that how dare you to say like that. Ertugrul justifies about him that he forgave him only for peace. The Ural is still talking so Kopek gets him out from the council meeting. Ath the end of the council everybody took oath on the hand of Aliyar and congratulate him. Aslihan comes into her senses in the cave. When she sees Batuhan she becomes angry. batman wants to tell him the truth but she tries to attack Batuhan with her dagger. batman catch her and say to her that I trust you and you have done this to me.

Erugrul and Aliyar are planning for the future. Aliyar tells Ertugrul that he will on his side until his death. Ertugrul also tells Aliyar that we have to conquer Karachisar first and raise their flag there. Aliyar tells Ertugrul that we have to gather all the Turkmen in the vicinity. Ertugrul tells him that he already has a meeting about it but Kopek ruined that meeting with his presence. At the end of their meeting, Aliyar also tells about Hazrat Umer Farooq Justice.

The Ural comes to Colpan and is very angry with the Beys and Saedetin Kopek as well. Colpan tells him that the man in which you have trust the most has his hand in this. Ural replies that he will take account with Kopek as well. From there the Ural comes to Kopek and ask him why he did this. Kopek tells him all the reason behind this game, Ural is still talking that he has saved his life but his honor has vanished. Kopek replies that if your life is where you can do anything in the future so I have saved your life, first. Ural foes with pleasure after meeting with Kopek.

Batuhan tells everything about the Ural to Aslihan but she is not believing about his brother. Batuhan also tells her that he will be married to her and will become the bey of Cavdar. Aslihan totally refuse his proposal. This is enough for this Episode. Rest of Episode number 33, you will watch on the screen with Urdu Subtitles. Password for this Episode is ds3UrdsEpi33c. Watch and Enjoy!

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