EPISODE 33 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

After Season ONE of Dirlis, We are proudly presenting Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Why did you send Alps without letting me know, mother?Mother. Tell me.Don’t you trust me anymore?Why?Is it because I did not stand up against you like Ertugrul?Is it because I did not place more burden on your shoulders like him?It is because I placed your burden on my shoulder?-Tell me.-Enough. That is enough.I have thought that it would be better if less people knew about it.There is nothing to feel upset about it.How is this possible mother ?You sent a brave one to death alone.And you did it without telling me.Do you trust Ertugrul who always causes problems in nomad group more than……your step son?Gundogdu.Gundogdu! Son!Where is she!Women make homes, right, Aytolun Hatun?We have learned that you destroyed it.Let’s hope for the best for all of us.Mother Hayme, Gumustekin Bey wants to see you.Let him come in.Yes, Gumustekin? What is it?Are you here to interrogate me?I have acted impulsively against you, Hayme Hatun.When Sadettin Kobek gave me the order about Ertugrul, and also……hearing words of that soldier who escaped from war has made me blind.All my life I have been in war against Genghis Khan and Ogeday after he died,……and his ignoble sons now.I maybe tired. I am sick of it.However when I heard that I got another stroke from Suleyman Shah’s son……I was grieved by that, Hayme Hatun.

Forgive me if I crossed the line and broke your heart yesterday.I know you and the importance of the duty which Sultan Aleaddin entitled you.My son will prove that he is innocent.If Ertugrul does not surrender, state would not pardon him……even if I pardon him, Hayme Hatun.And you should know that there is nothing I can do from now on.Mother Hayme. They found a body of an old woman near nomad tents.Selcan!Neither Wild Demir nor Halime Sultan, Bey. None of them is here.Have you checked everywhere?We have, Bey.Keep searching.Aytolun!You killed her! You are a murderer! Murderer!Let me go! I am telling you, she is a murderer. She killed that woman. Murderer!I said she killed that woman. Let me go!You killed her. Killed her!You killed her. You killed her.You walk among others shamelessly while you have blood on your hands.You are looking into their eyes impertinently. You rubbish!You shut your filthy mouth, woman!Do you know what you are saying?That is enough. Stop shushing me!I am saying that this rubbish killed that old woman on that hillside.This is disgrace! Could you not hold your sick woman, Gundogdu?What kind of a man are you?I am sick of this shameless woman’s slanders!If she says one more word……I swear to God I will bring this to the headquarters.You are talking about headquarters unashamedly!

A creature like you do not have any place in the headquarters.-Quiet!-Selcan!Why are you so presumptuous?Why are you so shameless?How can you talk such baseless to Hatun of Dodurga’s Bey……in front of everyone?She killed her, mother.This cheap creature killed that woman.Do you not get it?What does this mean, Aytolun?I wish I knew, Hayme.You were not expecting me, right, my aunt’s son?Welcome, Tugtekin.So you want to witness a festivity?What are you doing here?I am here to take revenge from the man who killed Ertokus……and betrayed his state.It is true that we have a traitor among us.But it’s not me.It has been your Alp Kocash since the beginning.He has been the dog of Noyan since the very beginning.Leave these lies aside.You and your men are traitors.And you shamelessly blame my Alp Kocash who has saved your big brother’s life.You are so naive that I just pity for you.Enough!Selcan.Why do you think that she killed that poor woman?Because I know it, mother.She is the murderer.She killed that woman.I saw the woman coming to the carpet house.She grew pale when she saw her. She pulled her.Pushed and shoved her.

Then expelled her from the nomad group.After that they have found her body.You cheap creature!Okay but why do you think that I killed that woman, Selcan Hatun?If you cannot prove your allegation it means that you are the snake……decrier, slanderous of these two nomad groups.I have expelled that woman from the nomad group. That is true.But since then I have neither left the nomad group nor the carpet house today.My man along with Dodurga and Kayi women who works here are my witnesses.Now.You either prove your allegation or I meet you in the headquarters.This requires being at the headquarters. I will be calling you to account over there.Prove your allegation now.I said prove it!Tell me, Selcan.What made you think so?Tell me what did you count on yourself?Because I know it, mother.I know that she killed that woman.Believe me that she killed her. I know it.So she knows it.We know what you did to the nomad group with Kurdoglu.We know that you had Aykiz whipped by slandering her about she made you……had a miscarriage.Now stand by your allegation if you can, Selcan.All scandals have been unfolded.Gundogdu.

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