EPISODE 29 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

his is EPISODE number 29 of Dirilis Season 3. In the last Episode, you have seen after verdict of Ural the health of Candar bey suddenly get worst. He has taken to Me. Arif for treatment. Ural become aggressive to see is father in this state. Roshaan and Noorgul captured him, then Ertugrul tells them to leave Ural to meet with his Father. Ural is barking on Ertugrul that the state of my father is because of him. Mr. Arif stops Ural to don’t make a noise as his father is doing difficult in breathing. He call Noorgul to capture Ural again. They come and take him away. Mr. Arif is treating Candar Bey, Ural is quareeling with Ertugrul and Kopek warns Ertugrul that pray that his Bey of Principlaity should live. Ertugrul answer himj that rigteousness is not an easy thing. Not everyone can handle it. Kopek says, “Are you the only one that is ‘right’ in this forsaken world, Ertugrul? You must be the only one fighting for justice. He tells Ertugrul about the politics. He wants to stop Ertugrul.

Ural is going to meet her wife before prisoning. He tells her i have been looking for a woman like you my whole life. During my life’s most difficult and dark phase you have showed up and as a star that guides me on this way. Colpan also talk some emotional words to her husband. She tells him that you give me your name. when i lost everyting, you have made me feel alive again. Ural says him that i cant protect you. They also talk about their son that our son will take revenge for both you and me.

Candar is asking about his son Ural. Candar says to Mr. Arif that i have come here to take my son’s head. From now on it is not permitted for me to die. Mr. Arif tells him to dont unrest himself in this situation. Aslihan also warns him. Mr. Arif again warns Candar bey that if you dont listen to me then please to your own daughter. You cannot endure this. Aslihan tells her father that it is forbidden for both of us to die before we have taken revenge. Ural is very upset by his father’s attitude to him. He wants to convince his father that i am the son of Candar Bey’s son. I have followed the path of my father and always with the side that was right.

I have never deviated from your path. He tells his father that if i were the one that would abuse anyone’s right , you must judge me without having a second thought. Do not treat me this way. Bandar bey don’t please with Candar. He tells Aliyar, ” To hell with your “Justice” Aliyar. Bandar bey didn’tlisten to Aliyar. He tells You and Ertugrul are cursed. He accuse him to that you took my innocent child from me. I will haunt you at the two worlds. From now on you are not my son anymore. Aslihan also says harsh words to his brother Aliyar. She says that never to come inferno of them ever and don’t cross over our way and beg for forgiveness. Aliyar is begging for to understand him but nobody is there to listen him.

Hay mother come across to Candar Bey. She tells him to get cure. Halide also wish him a good health. Bandar bey replies to their wishes that they don’t need their wishes. Candar and Aslihan come out to meet Ural. Allan also ask for forgiveness from his brother Ural. Ural tells Aslihan to take care his Colpan and his son. When Aliyar joins his siblings. Ural tells him to move along from here. Ural says to him, “Go to whoever your boss is. Aliyar still tries to talk to his brother but Ural stops him that you are still facing me, go away! Candar bey also tells Aliyar to go away from there. Candar tells Ural that he knows that he didn’t kill Governor and Aslihan also knows this.

He will kill Batuhan when he will come in front of him. Everybody from Candar’s tent is crying. Ural is still talking to kill the lineage of Ertugrul and he will live. This is enough for this Episode. The rest of Episode, you will watch on the screen. The password for this Episode will be announced later when Episode will be uploaded. so be patient for now. Password for this Episode is QuickEpiFri. Thank you very much!

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