EPISODE 28 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is Episode Number 28th of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. Colpan is crying with Aslihan like they had not done anything wrong and they are totally innocent. The Ural is there in a prisoner cage and His father Candar comes to meet him. Aliyar is also with him who requests to Noorgul and Roshan to leave alone father and son for a while. Candar is talking with his son while crying. He tells him that when he was born, Even they didn’t suggest the name of him I think that I will raise my son as an honorable Bey. Today what I am seeing my son as a prisoner and killer. I don’t know what mistake I have made to raise you. Candar also said that I wish that I have died before seeing this day. The Uraal describes to his father that he didn’t do this sin and he is innocent. Candar says I know you didn’t kill governer but your other sins are many so you are now standing in this situation.

Candar also tells in all life he made the decision as sharp as a sword but this time when he tries to sabotage Ertugrul everything goes against us. The Uraal says they are shepherds and we cannot submit in front of them, then Candar tells him that those shepherds have defeated us, my son. Candar tells Ural that you have a lot of sins like killing my brother Toktamis, about to kill your own sister Aslihan and also shedding the blood of innocent people so I can not give you my blessings. Candar bey is blaming himself about the situation of his son that he cannot raise him well. The Ural assures his father that he will come out of it and things will be smooth and fine. He also said that if something happens to him and he becomes the victim of this intrigue then please take care of my Colpan. After listening to this Candar becomes helpless and he has no power to stand. Candar is not well so Ural call Aliyar to take his father. Aliyar sends his father to the healing tent for treatment.

It’s good that you unearthed the traitors before they were able to… jeopardize you and the State. I too, ask for your permission to leave. Ah’ Inglorious sod Uhm Uhm Finally you got enmeshed in the nets of your own traps You’ve got what you deserve. Uhm Ah’ You have done so many dirty treacheries, that even if… I tear you apart, it wouldn’t be enough to pacify me. I put your head under my feet… in this very Castle, in which. you once used to feel so sheltered. The fate of all traitors will be just the same as yours is. Kill me Ertugrul Kill me’ Save your breath! We are going to have some more reckoning with you. You will tell me everything you know, every single thing f you resist… I’ll force you to talk, till blood comes out of your mouth in profusion. Take this one away. The Sultanate may probably continue to exist with the lack of belief’ but, if cruelty is applied, it can never be eternal.” [Grand Vezier Nizam al-Mulk – “Seyasat-nameh”] How well you said it, the great vizier Nizam-ul Mulk. May Allah save us from inflicting cruelty and protect us from being persecuted. Is there permission, my Sultan?

Com in What is it, Aziz? Was there some incident? Speak up I just came from the dungeon, my Sultan. It’s Emir Nizamettin Emir Nizamettin took his own life, my Sultan. What do you mean, he took his own life? How can it be? I’m one of the watchmen in the dungeon, my Sultan. He killed himself by taking the poison. The chief physician is examining the Emir s body right now, my Sultan Summon the physician and Emir Sadettin into my presence, at once! At once! Kill me, Ertugrul. Get it over and done with. Don’t be in such a hurry. I will give you an opportunity to save your life. I will take you to Konya. In the presence of Sultan Alaaddin, you will tell all about… your collaboration with Emir Sadettin, every single detail. Explain to me how this could have happened? There was poison concealed in his socket ring, my Sultan. He took his own life by taking this poison dissolved in some water This poison is the same as the one that killed your soldier… at the Divan of Poets, my Sultan Traitor. He understood that since his nefarious ambitions have… come to light he no longer can save himself. Therefore, he took his own life by his own hands. There is even more, my Sultan. This poison is the same poison they have used in an attempt to… murder you at the Hanli Bazaar. Nizam ttin Why would you want to kill me? His greed for power… has drawn a veil over his eyes, my Sultan. By killing you and putting a discord between your sons. he wanted to seize the control.

There is no other explanation for this. Tr itor. How you set a trap for me and my Alps, while we were en route to the Sultan’s campaign.. how you made an alliance with him regarding Hanli Bazaar… you’ll say about all things you have done in cooperation with Emir Sadeddin. If you confess. . in the presence of the Sultan… I will spare your life. I am a knight who was knighted at the Sword Ceremony… I am sworn to my Empire and to our Holy Cause, Ertugrul. I would never do anything to serve either you or your State. I will not tell anything. Neither your Empire nor your Cause would be able to save you. And I treaded your knighthood underfoot. Now you are nothing. The only thing you have left is your life. If you have any sense at all, you will… do as I say and save your life. Failing that, tomorrow morning… I will reveal to your people, what kind of villain you were and I will execute you in front of your own people. All of your people will spit in your face. You will die while being cursed by your own people. You can’t do this to me Ertugrul! I didn’t deserve this! Ah You did not deserve it?

You can think about this until daybreak. If you don’t decide to save your life by dawn… you’ll never be given that chance again. Shsh, shsh. Oh, mother s heart. Shsh, shsh… Karacahisar has been conquered. That blackguard Ares has been captured. And, my mother regained her health, too. Now, the good days are ahead of us, mother. In shaa Allah, my daughter. In shaa Allah. Don’t get up, mother, don’t How are you doing? How is your health, are you eating well? lam well, son. You look exhausted. I am well, mother, I am alright. I’ve just been to see that villain Ares. I am finished with him. However, the future of our State is at stake, mother. Why do you think so? Well, please be seated mother, there’s something I need to tell you. It’s time for you to be enlightened about the situation. Every tree is eaten by a worm grown within the tree itself, mother. Our magnificent State is being eaten by its’ own traitors from within. And, it’s not only our State that is at stake… but also all our tribes are.

Babar is coming back from the castle but when he was about to leave from there he saw Satin Kopek with his soldiers entering the castle. He is very shocked to see this that what is he doing here? Vassilis is planning with Petrus in the castle about the war. Petrus asks him that you are doing things that our emperor even don’t know them. Vasilis tells him that our Emperor is enjoying his life inside the palace so he doesn’t want to bother himself. They are talking about the war a soldier comes and tells them about the arrival of Saedtin Kopek. Password for this Episode is LaskarisUUralc. Aslihan asks Aliyar that they are taking their brother for execution and why he is supporting them. She tells him that she cant understand all of this. Aliyar tells her that if he supports then he will not supporting his brother but a killer. Aliyar tells that everyone will pay for his doing so we can live in peace with honor. candar asks Aliyar where will you live after driving your tribe to the extinction. Now you can only live in the mountains. Candar is still angry with Aliyar as he knows about the sins of Ural. He tells him that he was just thinking that he has to brave sons who love their customs and tribe you strived to break your tribe into pieces. Aliyar tells his father that I am loyal to my tribe and customs so, I have done this. Aliyar tells his father that this is not loyalty to support a criminal. He never read this in his books while he was on the study. Aliyar also requests Aslihan that when she marries Saedtin she has to do justice to her name can be remembered in the history.

Saedtin Kopek and Vasilis have a harsh talk there. Saedtin Kopek teases him that you are planning on this leather map in your castle but the reality is not like that. You have to stop this war. Vesalius ask him why he asks him to stop the war? What will he pay for that? There is a long talk between both of them you will watch on the screen when you will watch the Episode. In the end, Saedtin Kopek tels him the plan to how to get rid of this War. They will get out Ural and Laskaris from there as the killers of Governer and then hide them somewhere. While going Saedtin tells Vesalius that there is another leather map like this one is also in the Sultan’s palace. Noorgul again comes to the Ural that he will cut his sentence but he has to grateful to Ertugrul Bey that he stops him for trial. The Ural is still speaking. Noorgul tells him that when a dog learns that he has to die he starts barking. Coplan is telling Aslihan that if she was not pregnant she would stand against them. Aslihan assures her that if she is innocent nothing will happen to her. The password for this Episode is in the last line of second Paragraph of this Text.

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