EPISODE 26 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

After Season ONE of Dirlis, We are proudly presenting Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Elhamdulillah, thanks to the One who feed us.Thanks to God.Excuse me, sir.Your heart seems broken.Why are you sad?Nobody understands me.They do not listen even if I warn them for trouble.They made me fell apart.Son, your best friend during your bravery journey is your loneliness.Do not wait them to understand you.Your mother, your wife, your brother and your Alps.None of them will understand you.They will not see the horizon inside you.Bravery is equal to make everyone a partner to your dreams.Bravery is telling your dream to your people.Do not ever feel hopelessness.Because when you keep the justice flag flying……72 nations must find a place under its shadow.There is always enemy.Oghuz Tribes and Islam World could not take a breath.Son, you should be happy about it.

Because when they are no longer enemy of yours it means that your presence is no longer valuable.It means you have already lost your high value.Because they declare war against your beliefs.Thank you.My heart is healed.When will I see you again?We will be together for a long time after a short period of separation.Do not show the belt you dressed to anyone.It could be affected by the evil eye.Do not forget it.Thank you, sir. Thank you.See you in a short while.If God permits.Tell me, Karabey.What is this important issue?Saadettin Kobek sends his regards.Sultan Aladdin sent a spy named Ertokus to that area.He is collecting information for the campaign he will launch against you in spring.So Sultan Aladdin still thinks that he can get rid of us.So he still wants to play with us.Fine. Let it be.Tangut. Hamza.Give my respect to Saadettin Kobek for this information.

Yes, sir.Hamza, you will go for hunt.A traitor named Ertokus.He will not be dead.I want him alive. Do you understand?With great pleasure.By the way,take Abdurrahman Alp with you.But if he betrays, you are responsible.You do not worry, Noyan.Son, do you have time?Yes, mother.Gumustekin sent his Alp. They will stay there longer than expected.He wanted you to send your Alps to take Goncagul from caravansary.You know, roads are too dangerous.I will take my sister Goncagul, Mother.You know, she is my brother’s dearest daughter. He loves her a lot.Of course, Mother.That is why I said I will take her.We will be back till the end of the day.You be back so we will ask Gokce for you.Goncagul is at the age of marriage, as well.She should experience this excitement.She may get married soon, too.My daughter! My beautiful girl.My sheep.Do not say anything anymore to marriage between Tugtekin and Gokce.What can we do?We just hope for the best.Come on, my girl.

Come on.-Come on, Selcan.-Come on.Everything will be fine.We will get through these tough days together, Selcan.I will suffer the pain one by one for evil things I did to you……and Ertugrul Bey, my Gundogdu.I know that.What comes around goes around, Halime.I will not escape just by burning in hell.Halime.I will shut my mouth.Do you know why will I do that?So my sister forgets about Ertugrul.Do you think that I do not see the torture she did to you?I will shut my mouth……but we all will see the consequences of this marriage by living it.Bey, I should come with you.You do not worry.We will be back before night.You keep an eye on this merchant Efrasiyab.Why, Bey? Did he do something wrong?I only trust my weapon while Noyan’s breath is just behind our neck, Kocabash.You are right, Bey. You are right.

Gokce.It seems that Aunt Hayme have talked with you.She has told me what Korkut Bey told, Bey.That is why you are not trying to look at me?As you can imagine, since things are like that.I will go to take Goncagul.If it is in our kismet, we will come to your tent tonight.I know that.My way is not so long.But you should know that my heart is beating like hell, Gokce.I would have wanted what you are going to say.I am afraid that I feel one-day long road as one century, Gokce.It is Mother Hayme and Korkut Bey’s decision, Bey.You are right.But what your heart thinks is more important than their decision.Let us hope best for us.Yes, Halime Sultan?Where is Ertugrul Bey?I want to talk to him.I know that he is in an awkward position but I must talk to him.

Our Bey will absolutely find a way to see you once he is back, Halime Sultan.Do not you know that?I know that but it is hard for him to come back to nomad group.His mother has exiled him.You also know that.I cannot wait without doing anything.Tell me if you know where he is.I will go there to see him.It is not right for you to leave nomad group while Mongols are nearby, sister Halime.And we do not know where he is, right, brother?Yes, we do not know it.I will not give my blessing to you if you know it but do not tell me.I beg you do not talk like that, Halime Sultan.We are servants who have committed our life and spirit to our Bey.There is no difference between you and our Bey, sister Halime.We just do not know it.Brother Turgut.Mother Hayme, Halime Sultan.I have not lied that much all my life.I wish I knew what to do.Let us go.Goncagul Hatun.Atabey Ertokus.Come please. Give me company.Why did you come here?

I am visiting my aunt Aytolun.It must be an important matter since your father has sent you alone.Yes, it is an important matter.He has sent me since he had some work to do in Konya.What about you?How come did Sultan Aladdin let you go?I know that he does not go anywhere in palace without you.Let us say it is an important duty.Innkeeper.-Yes, Bey?-Set the table.-Yes, efendi.Sister Halime is following us, brother.It is not a good sign.Our Bey will be mad at us.Only mad? He will kick our ass.-So what will we do?-Nothing to do.We will say that she followed us.So we will lie as if our Bey would believe it.If lovers are going to be united then they can call us liers.Those old times, Hamza.Once we were looking for Ertugrul Bey here.Those times have passed.We have given our lives for them.But they stroke at our hearts.They have fired us from our homes.Now forget about Ertugrul so we do our duty.Keep your eyes open.Learn who is Atabey Ertokus and where to find him.Is The Great Seljuk Empire sleeping while Mongols are walking around?Sultan Aladdin must know something.It is really shame if our destiny is in the hand of Sultan who is in palace.Does Sultan leave palace and join war?Do you learn these words from your father, girl?The one who looks at palace sees the boiling cauldron inside of it, Ertokus Bey.So your eyes can see behind the walls?I wish you could have seen your father’s passion.Innkeeper, set the table quickly.Noyan trusts in you a lot.I also trust in him.You will also notice quintessence inside him soon.Tell everyone to be ready.Lunatic, get out.

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