EPISODE 21 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is Episode number 21 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. In this Episode Governer of Karachaisar are happy with the killing of Templars. They are thinking that Ertugrul is an easy enemy than Templars. Vessels telling Governer about his plan to vanish Turks from their lands and get back their lands which they have lost. They have stopped the trade with Hanli Bazar and send a messenger to Ertugrul to inform them. Here Noorgul is addressing to people that now slave trading is reached to end at this bazaar. Nobody will trade in human beings but every human being will do his own business in the Bazar. Ertugrul got the news from Karachisar castle that they have cut their Trade with Bazaar has a big loss for Ertugrul. When this news reached there the Ural was also there and he fed up the anger of Ertgrul with his talks.

In the women workplace, Ural’s wife Cholpan is doing the same with Halime and Mother Hayma. Mother Hayma tells her, her place. Ertugrul cannot control his temperament and he smashes Ural and Ural bleed. Aliyar stops Ertugrul and warns him that in the result of this fight there will be a lot of soldiers killed. The Ural is back to his tent after beating up by Ertugrul. Aliyar comes to him and asks his brother to tell him the truth about burning the rugs and attack the mine. Colpan cames and Aliyar has gone. The Ural tells Colpan to be ready for tonight. They have to go to Castle to talk with the murderers of Colpan’s father who was a Governor before. Colpan is ready to share the table with her father’s killers.

Governor is thinking that Vesullus is obeying him but actually he is playing games with him. He tells him the good news of the arrival of his daughter Helena. Governor tells Vessalus to cook all her favorite dishes. Here in Cavdar tribe, Aliyar is alone and Ural, His father and now even his sister Aslihan is not with him. He is with the righteous. Candar is now believing in the Ural instead of ALiyar. He gave attention to Aliyar words but the Ural. The Ural with her wife has reached to castle and tells them to trade directly with Cavdar tribe because without Trade they will be more harmed and Governer accepts his offer. Governor and Vessels have all evil plans.

They also want to use the Ural as their weapon and Vessels is also playing games with GFoverner. Its is enough text for this Episode. Rest of this Episode you can watch on screen and password for this Episode will be announced later when it will be uploaded. RamzanRelief is the password for this Episode.

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