EPISODE 21 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

After Season ONE of Dirlis, We are proudly presenting Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Turali.Are you ready, son?-I am, Bey.Come on.God, help us.What happened, Wild Demir?I brought food to Abdurrahman.Tugtekin Bey gave order.He will not see anyone.No one will go in.If someone goes out he will be killed.Why I shall not see him?Because he wishes so. Is it enough?That is all right.Go back!Guards!Come on!Leave now!Do not worry.I give your kind regards to dead one.Leave now!Do not cause trouble in the dead of night.All right. Okay.You saw your Beys betrayed you for who you gave your life.Even Mother Hayme pays no mind to you.Ertugrul Bey……does not come and ask how are you.You are still being a dog for your Beys.You will die here.If you confess the truth if you confess your coconspirators I can stop your execution.You will be exiled and have a good life.Who do you want to burn along with me, Kocabash?I know your intention.Get out!Son, what are you doing here?I brought Ertugrul Bey’s greetings.Be careful.Keep a sharp lookout around the tent.Control Dogan and Turgut.We could not bear any more trouble.And Abdurrahman…Please, do not do anything for him.-Fire!-Run, fire!

-Fire!-Fire!-Tent is on fire!-Come here! Fire!Go and report to Tugtekin Bey!Help, bring water!Fire, bring water!Hurry up!Fire! Bring water!Always smile like this.When you are sad, I mumble.I do not know what to talk.-That bad?-You could not imagine.Bey?Come in.-Bey, the tent is on fire.-Which tent?Caged tent, Bey.Damn it!From now on, there is nothing we can do about you and your Alps.I will do my best to keep Abdurrahman alive, Ertugrul.I know, mother. I know.But Abdurrahman’s life is not entrusted to us.You already knew it.Fire! Bring water!Bring water!-Abdurrahman was not inside, Bey.-What do you mean he was not inside?God damn it!God damn it! God damn it!Bring water!Water!Run! Run!Run! Water!When I get my grandchild to my lap I will sit on top of the world.I hope, but he could not be raised by his parent.May god forbid.You vile! You let him escape, right?You are impertinent, Tugtekin!Who escaped? What are you talking about?Caged tent burned!Abdurrahman is not in it!Is that right, Ertugrul?I have no information about fire and Abdurrahman, mother.Tugtekin and his Alps could not protect what is entrusted to them.

Lay down your sword.Lay down your sword!You are young! Really young!You crossed the line!Ertugrul, let him go.Ertugrul!Ertugrul, let him go!If you did something to him, I will take your life!Let him go, you will kill him!Tugtekin!If you enter my marquee like this once more I will kill you!And you, Ertugrul.I am not sure whether you did this or not.So, stay away from nomad tent for a while.Set out when sun rises.Mother!Tugtekin.Take your jackals and get out!Out!Do not worry.I will be with you and our baby wherever I am.I know you want me to be patient.You want me to grin and bear it.I will do it, Ertugrul.From now on, your heart will be my and my baby’s bed.They are Ertugrul’s Alps.Turgut and Dogan.I met them in Kervansaray.We draw our sword to be a martyr.But where is Ertugrul?Shall I follow them, Noyan?I need you here.Tankut, send five men to follow them.Yes, Baycu Noyan.There is someone here!Who are you, insane man?What are you doing here?Have you seen two Alps around?You are insane but skillful.I am not skillful but this stick which run these infidels down.Accept it, Ertugrul and his Alps did it!

Enough!Enough!Stop blaming my son.Your four Alps were guards at the tent.What were they doing while the tent was burning?Abdurrahman did not fly from tent.My mother speaks truth, Tugtekin.Your Alps could not guard the tent.You could not protect him.At least, you fall into the hands of me, Ertugrul.-What are you doing here, Gokce?-I could not let you go.While there are enemies everywhere what are you doing?So why are you going, Ertugrul?If there are Mongols everywhere, where are you going with a wounded hand?Who is that beautiful girl?She is like Ertugrul’s sister.Suleyman Shah killed their father and raised her sister and Gokce as his own daughter.So, her name is Gokce.Go and prepare the horses.Gokce.Go!Go!I know the fire in you, mother.My heart burns, Gundogdu.I sent your brother to Mongol while he could not grab a sword.What if he is taken prisoner?What if he is wasted?-May God forbid.You know, my brother is hard to kill.He will get over this, as well.If God permits, son.

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