EPISODE 20 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

After Season ONE of Dirlis, We are proudly presenting Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Bey, it is as you wished.It wraps around your hand and wrist.I hope it will heal you.My thanks to you.Now I do not have a lame hand, but a hand made of steel.In the name of God.Wonderful, Bey.Wonderful.Bey, you told me to tell you if anything is wrong.What happened?They have come to take Abdurrahman, Bey.Their intentions are bad.-Let him go!-Let him go!-Let him go!-You cannot take him!We will not give up Abdurrahman!-Let him go!-Is it bad, brothers?It is my Bey who will decide whether away it is good or bad.Don’t do it, brother.God will punish you.He will smite you.All good and all bad, come from God.Move over!Stop!Lay down your swords.You insolent men!If you draw your sword against your brother today you will be kneeling to the heathens tomorrow.It is the Bey’s order.We will take him, Ertugrul Bey.-Where will you take him?-He will be executed in the training area.-You cannot take him!-We won’t let you.Let him go!Abdurrahman is innocent!Abdurrahman is innocent!Abdurrahman is innocent!Abdurrahman is innocent!Enough! Enough.We will abide by……the tribunal’s judgment.Bey.We will respect the tribunal’s judgment.

Take him!He has been scheming with his Alps day and night since he returned.He meets with someone secretly outside the nomad tent. I’m sure of it.Who?I will find out soon, Bey.Is he in?Yes, Aytolun Hatun.-How is he?-He would kill them all if we let him.Mother?Your father gave the order to execute Abdurrahman.So, he recognized his mistake.After he humiliated me, he came to his senses.Perhaps, someone helped him come to his senses.You and your father have overcome every obstacle to establish a great dominion.The news we are expecting from Sultan Aleaddin will come shortly.We will build up strength in our lands.Your only duty is to be patient, Tugtekin.How will I do that while Ertugrul is here?Ertugrul’s dignity will soon be damaged, just like his hand, Tugtekin.As your father always says, we will handle matters quietly.Now go and make Ertugrul’s Alps pay the price of betrayal.Show them that a man with a lame hand cannot alter your destiny.Brother, how could you do this?How could you give an execution order without my knowledge?I was just carrying out the decision taken by the tribunal in two nomad tents It’s the right time for the execution.Or things will get out of control.You cannot take my Alp’s life just for intimidating people.I will decide when he will be executed.That was before your Alps betrayed us, do not forget that.If my son or I suffer another blow, this partnership of ours will end.And everyone will have to fend for themselves.

This is what it finally comes to.To hell with him and his partnership!Your father entrusted Abdurrahman to us.How can I protect his legacy, If I cannot even protect Abdurrahman?Who knows……perhaps I am not worthy of his legacy.Not at all, mother. That’s not true.It is your presence that holds us together.We are torn asunder as never before.How long?How long will this last?You know Abdurrahman is innocent, right?We also thought Hamza would never betray us, mother.I don’t know who to trust or what to believe anymore.Go and bring me Ertugrul.Yes, mother.Uncle!Are you here to call me to account, Ertugrul?I keep wondering what happened, to the brave uncle I once knew?Ertugrul, be careful with your words.Do you want to execute my Alp because you cannot execute me?Will you cover up Tugtekin’s stupidity with the blood of my Alp?Ertugrul!The brave uncle I know and love has enough honor to avoid this.Be careful whose advice you are taking.Understand that the rage in you is leading us to the edge of a cliff!Look what you have done to two nomad groups!Where is your conscience?Stop this execution, uncle.Abdurrahman is innocent.Do not kill a brave Alp because of your anger towards me.Or you will be worthless to my Alps.The tribunal’s judgment will be obeyed.

Abdurrahman will be executed.You did not give me any other option, Ertugrul.Maybe, from now on, you will know your place.When did you become so cruel and thoughtless?Or do you have a secret agenda?If you have, I will bring that secret agenda to light one day, uncle.Stop this execution while there is still time!Ertugrul, get out!Do not make me do things we will both regret!Get out! Right away!-Traitor!-Kill him!-Traitor!-Kill that man!Kill him!Kill him!Turgut, tell me Ertugrul Bey will not let them do this.Kill him!Kill him!We cannot let them execute Abdurrahman.They want their payment, mother.Then let us pay the price.What are you going to do?Traitor!Don’t do that!They can’t do that.To hell with this brotherhood.Uncle!If you will delay the execution our Alps are ready to lay down their weapons.But we have only one wish.Let Mother Hayme give the order to execute Abdurrahman.If that is what you wish.Father.Don’t do this. Give the execution order.I am delaying the execution!Thank God!The execution has been postponed!May God bless you.Untie the prisoner and take him to his cage.Long live Korkut Bey!Long live Korkut Bey!

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