EPISODE 19 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is Episode number 19 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. In this Episode, Candar tells Ertugrul about his desire that they want to marry Aslihan with Ertugrul to make both tribes more strong. Ertugrul tells him we ‘ll talk after the Dinner and later on Ertugrul tells him that he will tell his decision after consulting with his family. Ertugrul this statement makes Candar very angry. He thinks that it is a disrespect of him.

Babar and Noorgul with all soldiers are enjoying their dinner in the Han. While Eating Noorgul ask for a story from Babar. Babar is very ready to start a story so he tells and Emotional story to his soldiers which has some emotions in his friends. In this story, Gunkut teases Babar with asking when will he marry so Babar become furious and cuts off his mustache.

Babar is trying to sleep in the Han but he is restless then Noorgul also tells him that the cause of his restless is not this mattress but a woman for him. After this Babar again become angry and he beats Noorgul in a light mood. The Ural is very furious about Ertugrul and he is putting words in the ear of his father that Ertugrul goes out of his limits. He disrespect us. Candar bey tells the Ural that he cannot push Ertugrul to accept the proposal. The Evil Ural tells his father that they will ruin the business of Han with looting the Caravans. With this action, nobody will trust on Ertugrul.

Ertugrul is consulting with his mother and Mr. Arif. Both of them tells Ertugrul that this will be good for them. If they say no, Cavdar tribe will against them and if they say yes they will be more powerful. Mother Hayma is also worried about Halime’s situation. Ertugrul tells them that he will think overnight. Aslihan is also disturbed with the decision ofErtugrul that why he gets time from his father for consulting with his family. The Han is cleaning and is ready for Prayer. In the Han, there is competition between Babar and Noorgul of drinking and Eating.

Noorgul tells whoever will win will go to the tribe and the loser will stay here in this Han. Who wins the competition you will see in the Episode. This Episode is a little bit late as the current speed was very fast. This Episode is the second last which is already translated. After Next 20th Episode I have to translate again which is very time taking procedure. May Allah pleased with all of you and this blessed Ramadan brings blessings to all your family. Remember us in your prayers (Duaon). Password for this Episode is BatuhanAngry.

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