EPISODE 19 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

After Season ONE of Dirlis, We are proudly presenting Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. In conclusion, Tugtekin lost his trust to us.How could he not?From now on, how could we look at his face?Stop there.Having a treacher in a nomad tent does not make whole nomad people treacher.Who knows how many treachers are there in their nomad tent?I wish there was only a treacher.We have disturbed peace since the day we came.I am surprised by how could we did not see what they did?I said we should not have migrated, you did not listen.If we herd our animals in wild lands wolves and jackals will lay an ambush for sure.They would want pound of flesh.They will make us pay for it.We will pay whatever it is, Crazy Iron.You are exhausted, Bey.Your heart needs calmness.Instead of living in peace at his age, he is struggling with troubles.Kayis cause him real troubles.Permission, Bey?Come in!Ertugrul is here, Bey.So he is here to die.Get Alps ready quickly.Do not you hear me?Yes, Bey.Do not cause trouble in nomad tent, Bey.Do not break the traditions.There is no tradition left, Artuk.Tugtekin.What you are going to do will make enemy stronger.First, cut them in pieces, then you will eat them.Son.Son.Father.My dear father.Does Bey drink this syrup?This will cause his death at this age.Leave me alone with sons of Suleyman Shah.Come closer.Look me in the eye both of you.I did not raise you for this.

If your father my Suleyman Shah were alive what would he have said to your impertinence?What would he have said?We faced many troubles.We defeated many evils.We need unity and peace!What did you do?How could you face the community?From now onif you lay a hand on each other you will have neither my love nor my blessing!Did you hear my words?Hug and ask for blessing.Give me your blessing, brother.You have it.Give me your blessing, too, brother.-You have it.Sit down.Tell me about Hamza problem.Strength is a desire erupting from a man’s veins.But gold is a cheap odalisque of that desire.I know none of you wants this gold.You are here to fight in the strongest army of the world and be a soldier of largest army in the world.To battle!To take off heads!But if you have desire for gold come and get as much as you want.I give all the gold I have if he wants.You are not cheap men who set off for gold.You are the best warriors this world ever seen.You are Kayi Alps.Now you are to serve Mongols who are your brothers for thousands of years and world’s sultan Ogeday.This is a holy meeting.The meeting of world’s best warriors and biggest emperor of the world.Welcome among us.From now on, you are not my soldier but my blood brother.No permission.I did not ask for permission. Move aside.We will enter.

Turgut!Obey Tugtekin Bey’s words.Obey so we will not have a problem.We obey the Beys’ words.We brought food.Let him eat something.Go in.But do it quick.Brothers!We brought you food, brother.What is the situation?They said Hamza is a treacher.It is right.He turned out a Mongol spy.Maybe, he was the treacher since the beginning.He led the nomad people to slaughter.They want to project their rage onto me.As long as Ertugrul Bey is here as long as we are here they could not harm a hair on your head.Do not worry.Brother, you must take care of your health.If something happens to you, people will be perished.Hayme, people are already perished.All Beys askis this the reward of helping Kayi what if other Kayis are treachers?What else they say?They say, we have no peace and order has been broken.So, what are saying to all these?My dear sister, I need to calm Beys down.To do this you must pay a price.Abdicate from headquarters or let your Alps lay down their arms.Brother!Your Beys want to see us as shepherd and Kayi as herd.They want Kayi to serve them. Is it?My Beys behaved themselves till now.

Your son Ertugrul and your nomad people are the faulty ones.Or this unity will break down.You have gone……you are speechless.No one knows what are you thinking.If my tongue knows what my heart thinks I cut my tongue so no one will be in trouble.We always have a rough ride, Ertugrul.Tell me, I want to know what is in your heart.Just know this.Mad horses are running wild in my heart.Passing the seas.Trebling the very ground.They run without having had fill.Away, far away.These mad horses tell our nomad tent’s name will be known to world someday.World will be on his knees before us.Justice will flourish everywhere.They say world will be ours.We do not have a nomad tent yet, Ertugrul.How could all world will be ours?That is why, I do not tell what is in my heart to anyone.Look, even you do not believe what mad horses told me.How will we defeat all this evil and trouble, Tugtekin?Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind, Gokce.We Turks are here to make these lands our homeland.So, we will pay a price till these lands will be ours.What is on your mind?We need to gather nomad people and take treachers out.How will it be, Tugtekin?

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