EPISODE 18 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

After Season ONE of Dirlis, We are proudly presenting Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Turali. You are here.Welcome.Are you going to stand there and watch me?Or are you going to help me?You wonder what am I doing, right?I am making a steel glove for Ertugrul Bey.So, he can grab his sword as he used to.So, he can avenge your parents and Aykiz.We dug one grave for each.This is why we are late.I am sorry, Bey.Mongols.They have their finger on the pulse.Otherwise, why would they kill a miserable man?They want us to starve in winter.This is going to be harder than we thought, brother.It is but I have another question in my mind.What?Apparently, Noyan will cause trouble in winter.If Ertugrul is right will Dodurga share their food with us?Selcan Hatun.Apparently, you are not alright.Your patterns are uneven.You are not making it right.Go to your tent and rest for a while.I will do it again.Leave it!Leave it!Apparently, Gundogdu Bey’s anger hurt you a lot.Selcan! Selcan!Go, pull yourself together and then come back to rug loom.Help!

Run, run!Help!Are you alright?He is a Kayi.Move! Move aside! Move!Do not stand up, you are hurt!Find Gundogdu Bey for me!I have words for him!Alright.Run and get Gundogdu now!Hold on! Hold on!What are you looking at?Go and get help, now! Now!Hold on! Hold on, Bey!So, you are going to help.Call Artuk Bey.Let me pass. Move aside. Let him breathe.Gunkut?-Bey.-What happened?Bey, Hamza…Hamza?Hamza did it, Bey.He wanted to kill me.Kargin and he left with 11 Alps.-He left!-Where did he go, Gunkut?To Noyan, Bey.They betrayed all of us.No, Hamza could not have done this.You got us into trouble, Gundogdu.Kocabash, prepare the horses, we go after traitors.Yes, Bey.Move aside! Move aside!Come on, help.With the name of God, slowly.Slowly.What is going on, brother?You came in without permission.Tugtekin was right.Hamza is a traitor!Probably, so is Abdurrahman!What are you saying, brother?Hamza and Kargin took Noyan’s side with 11 Kayi Alps!He also wounded a Kayi Alp who tried to stop the treason!Sick bastard.

People will follow him, Hayme.Kayi tribe is rotten to the core but we have not seen it.You must put a stop to other people’s possible betrayals now!How?Execute Abdurrahman.If he confesses his crimes, finish him off immediately.If he does not take his life slowly and make an example of him!This way. This way!Something is wrong, Turgut.Something happened in nomad tent while we were away.Bey.Tugtekin was right.Hamza is a traitor.What happened?He took 12 Alps to Noyan.Bastard!Because of him, they think Abdurrahman is a traitor too.They want to execute him.They are in headquarters talking about it.Beys……this is going to end badly.We must take precautions.It is not too late to take precautions, Bey.You still have a chance.How could you enter the headquarters without permission, Ertugrul?How could you take revenge while you are securing the justice, Uncle?Oghuz traditions do not let a brave Alp pay for other’s treason.Ertugrul……we are talking about what to do in here.We have not decided yet.Beys will make someone pay for their rage.They look for a scapegoat.The scapegoat will be Abdurrahman.I do not let this happen.This is all because of your obstinacy.Now you dogmatize!After you came, Alps got confused and did not know who is their commander.

Now, they turned their backs to Beys and changed their side.I told you, Noyan would not wait for his army.You did not hear my words.While you were hiding your head in the sand, Noyan started the war.Do not force me into a corner, Ertugrul.I will show no mercy even to you.You disturbed the peace in nomad tents.Do not get in our way.You have no place in this headquarters.Get out, now!Stop it, Ertugrul Bey. Enough.It is a pity for your mother and uncle.Your uncle was always praising you to the skies.Whenever he said your name, he would be happy.Now, he cannot sleep and have anything.Enough is enough.Dodurga was united until you came back from death.Enough is enough.Do not be stubborn, obey your Beys.This is what a brave man like you must do.Where did they go?You are stubborn, right?Where did they go, aunt-in-law?To north.Korkut Bey ordered us not to allow you inside, Ertugrul Bey.You cannot enter the tent.Bey!We will get you out of here, Abdurrahman.Be ready.Do not let me die before I prove my innocence, Bey.Do not worry.Ertugrul Bey, do not make us do things that we do not want to do.Leave.I will come back, Abdurrahman.Bey, let us come with you.Stay here. Keep an eye on Abdurrahman.Yes, Bey.Yes, Bey.There is something I want you to know, Ertugrul Bey.I am listening, Halime Sultan.You mother is disappointed in you as your brother.And even angry.But know that they are both feeling sorry.I know.I am not feeling resentful towards them.

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