EPISODE 17 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is episode number 17 of Diriliş Ertuğrul season 3 with Urdu subtitles. İn the last episode you have watched that Ertuğrul and his soldiers are reached to the Bazaar to seized. Simon is wondered to see Ertugrul alive. He ordered his Knights to attack the Kayi’s soldiers. The people of bazar are very frightened by this attack. There is a proper battle starts in the Han. Ertugrul calls Noorgul to go with him inside the Han because Noorgul knows the secret passages of Han. When Simon sees that his all soldiers are going to die. He starts preparation to escape with merchant Hasan. Ertugrul and Noorgul also see the Merchant Hassan that he is also a crusader. Ertugrul is fighting here and his mother is suffering from the pain of his son died. Halime can’t see Mother Hayma in this state. She is thinking about that she has to tell the fact to Mother. While she is still thinking, Mr. Arif comes in the tent. Halime tells him the situation of Mother Hayma with her eyes. Mr. Arif tells Mother Hayma about the survival of Ertugrul. Mother Hayma was shocked after hearing the news of her son.

On the other side, Candar and his sons are discussing the Kayi tribe without a leader. The Ural suggests his father that Zuljaan can not lead the Kayi tribe as Kayi tribe is a very important tribe. Candar Bey agrees with the Ural and he stops Aliyar to say anything. He also wants to take hold okay tribe. Candar decided to go to Hayma Mother to consult about this issue. Ertugrul and his soldiers are fighting in the Han. While fighting Simon has escaped from there. Noorgul takes permission from Ertugrul to follow Simon. Ertugrul tells Noorgul that he wants Simon alive. Noorgul goes to the Simon with Roshan and soldiers. Ertugrul has set the Kayo flag all over in the Han.

Ertugrul advised to all to clean the Han from forbidden things and make it ready for the first Azan. He tells all his companions that they will start a halal business in the market. Who will work with Halal will be his friend and who will merchandise in forbidden things like interests he will be his enemy. He also sends his soldiers to the people of the bazaar that they don’t have to frighten anymore and please they have to gather in one place to hear the words from Ertugrul. Ertugrul also writes a letter to Governor of Karachaisar to inform the conquest of Hanli bazar.

Candar comes to Mother Hayma with his sons. He tells her that they have to take revenge on Ertugrul. Actually, they want to come in good books of Kayi Sardars and after that, they want to occupy the kaki Tribe. When they start talking about the Ertugrul revenge. Mother Hayma tells them that Ertugrul is taking his revenge himself. This news is very shocking for Candar and especially Ural. They were dreaming about the Kayo leadership and here he gets this news. Aliyar was really happy with the news. Colpan goes to Aslihan. She enters her tent when she sees her crying bitterly.

Aslihan tells Colpan that she is sad for Halime the Colpan tells her to not to be sad anymore because Ertugrul is alive. Aslihan becomes very happy after listening to this news. She and Colpan go to Hayma mother to congratulate her on her son for survival. This is enough for this Episode. Watch rest Episode on screen. SimonEscaped is the password for this Episode. Watch Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles and Enjoy!

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