EPISODE 16 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is Episode Number 16 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. So Ertugrul has some plan in his mind after Allah give him back his life. When everybody is mourning out there Ertugrul survived in the hand of Mr. Arif. Ertugrul tells Mr. Arif to don’t tell anyone that he is alive except Halime because she is pregnant. Enemies like cholpan and Ural are also pretended to show sorrow of Ertugrul’s Death. Mother Hayma is crying his son and remembering his son Guldaaro and Sarim in his songs. She is also encouraging Gunduz to grow and take the revenge of his father. Mr. Arif is doing the treatment of Ertugrul in his healing room. Mr. Arif tells Ertugrul that everybody is in the pain so no one will notice his movement. Ertugrul has some plan to effectively outsmart the enemy’s treacheries. Ertugrul is also worried that Allah will not write this down as my sin. Mr. Arfi tells him the three situations when a man can do this and it will not be a sin.

Noorgul is back to the Han. Philip is waiting for him to kill Noorgul. Philip threat him that I’ll send you to Ertugrul, He is waiting for you. Noorgul says come to me I’ll show you the fight of a wolf. He escaped from the hand of Philip and his soldiers. Mother Hayma who don’t knows the survival of his son encouraging Halime that whole tribe is set on you. You have to stand tall, so they will not bow their heads. Halime tells Mother Hayma about her pregnancy. Mother Hayma hugs Halime and cries with her daughter.

Mr. Arif informs H about the survival of Ertugrul. Halime thanks to Allah after listening to this good news. Mr. Arif tells him to don’t tell to anyone about this. He tells her to act like you are convinced that he died. Noorgul is running towards the forest. Philip and his men are behind the Noorgul. On the way then they confronted, Philip, tells Noorgul that the letter was poisoned which you gave to Ertugrul. Noorgul becomes very angry after listening to this. Noorgul fights and kills all men of Philip then Philip runs away from there but Noorgul catches him and kills him.

When Noorgul kills Philip, Maria comes to kill Noorgul with her poisonous Dagger. Noorgul stops her and kills her with her own dagger. Maria begs him to kill her but Noorgul is very angry to hear about the Ertugrul death with his own hands. Noorgul leaves her and goes away. HanConquered is the password for this Episode.

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