EPISODE 16 Barbaroslar

This is Episode 16 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. You treating us with killing Leonardo but……then, we will kill you.For Leonardo’s life……your life, Oruc.-Help us!-What is this?The turmoil we are going to start in Kalymnos.This is the first one.So, spies planted explosives around Kalymnos,hih?What did you think they did, my Ilyas?You thought Reis could go among the jackals without setting any trap?Have a sit here.Put some sherbet for yourseThis night will be so entertaining.We planted these gunpowder all around Kalymnos.As long as I stay here, another one will explode.Kalymnos will turn into ruin.If you shed even a drop of blood……the head of Leonardo will come to this table.You made a good plan. A very good plan.But I won’t surrender this easy.Sir, gunpowder are exploding everywhere Streets are turning into ruins!Our scout soldiers are dying one by one.This turmoil will not only be experienced in Kalymnos.

We set this up all around Kalymnos.With one of your wrong move, your soldiers waiting in the harbor……your ships, all of them will be destroyed.If there is anyone brave enough……let him dare to shed a single drop of my blood.What do you think you are doing?-Lower your swords.-Never!Are we going to let a Turk run over us?They are going to set Kalymnos on fire!If we shed blood here, they are going to kill Leonardo! Lower your swords!I am giving you two days.If you don’t stop the siege of Midilli……we will send youLeonardo’s head.And his death means your death.You saved yourself from our swords this time, Oruc.But next time will not be like this.You are right, Pietro.Next time I come here, I’ll be planting a flag of conquest.What are they talking about, Meryem?Were you the one who kidnap them from our hands?It wasn’t me, of course, Hizir.You believe such a vile slander?We don’t need such a lie.The truth is right before you.Meryem was the one who kidnap us.-She is the spy of Pietro.-Enough!

Don’t slander anymore.Or, I’ll cut your tongue off!I’ll surely find the one who kidnapped you.If you want to find the one who kidnapped us……rub your eyes we and look around.Then, you can see the enemy right before you.Don’t talk any further.If we didn’t have the tore for prisoner, I’d slit your throat!Whatever.Take them and lock into the dungeon.Move! Move! The devil of the seas! Move! Or, I’ll crush you here now!You can’t take me away like I am a basic prisoner!Of course sir! An army waits for you outside.We will accompany you with an army.Stop talking and move!They are all blaming you.Why would they do something like that, knowing that we wouldn’t believe them?Their goal is to make us fight each other.What else would it be?No.They are not people to lie like that.There is something else.When you were at Kalymnos…..did something happen regarding you, that we do not know?Answer me Meryem.Did something happen in Kalymnos that you are not telling us?-Meryem!-My brother.

What happened to your brother?As the representatives of Christian states, we are united to establish the great Christian unity.But a Turk came and ruined everything alone!And he just left like nothing happened!You are the sole responsible of this situation!But we won’t let go of this!Look, I am as angry as you are I will not abolish Lesbos siege.I will save Leonardo and….make Oruc pay for this.You couldn’t do it, Pietro.We will take care of it.And you can look for a hole to get in.Or wait here for the day we will punish you.I am the one who gathered you here for this union.Are you betraying me now?You brought this upon yourself.We won’t let Great Christian States’ honour to be stained by anyone.You will see how we will save Leonardo and take revenge from Oruc!Send your greatest representatives, we are going to visit Alexandria.

You will see!You will see! I will save Leonardo, not you!And I will make Oruc paySince the dices are rolled…..then Pietro will make his last big move!What happened regardingyour brother?Did you see him?Who is he?Pietro.Pietro what?It will be hard for both of us.Until the time comes, this should stay as a secret.You said something about Pietro.Pietro said that he can find my brother.I did not believe him.He lied obviously.To get what they want, he tried to use your weakness.Yeah.What else could it be?It’s weird.Recently, weird things happen.And they said that you kidnapped the prisoners.There is something else.I will find out about it.Even if I end up dead, I won’t kneel to you, bastards.Anyone that betrays Unita pays for it with their lives!Sahbaz?Isabel betrayed Unita, Sahbaz, and you are a part of Unita too.O©o”tt get hwMIsabel is under my protection.For her, I will take everyone against me, and destroy them.I told you that if you listened to me, you could get your brother.

But you did not listen to me, and you almost died.Where is he then?Didn’t you hide him?Unita took your brother from me, they betrayed me too.But after this moment, I will do everything I can and find your brother.Please trust me.You are not someone to take Unita against you.That’s why, don’t expect me to trust you.The one you should not trust is the ones you are trusting right now.You wouldn’t come here alone.You informed Oruc, too, right?He was going to come, too……and you were going to save your brother together.But see, he left you alone when you needed him the most.He did not care about you, he did not come.Enough! Shut upDon’t talk about him like this!But I came, Isabel.I would come even if I was about to die. I wouldn’t leave you in a situation like this.I would come if I knew I would die.Isabel, no one else but you and I can find your brother now.That’s why……don’t get Oruc involved in this. Keep him away from yourself.Work only with me.Okay?

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