EPISODE 15 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

After Season ONE of Dirlis, We are proudly presenting Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Do we have permission?Come in.I want to see Tugtekin Bey.He is out and Korkut Bey is asleep.Do you have something to say?No, Hanim.Tell me, Kocabash.I can see in your face that something has happened.Ertugrul is up to something.I do not know how to say it.Tell me.If it concerns our tribe, it concerns me.First he met with his Alps secretly.Then he met with Abdurrahman in caged tent.He sent guards outside while he was talking to Abdurrahman.They are up to something.Wild Demir is with them, too.Listen to me closely.I know you respect Tugtekin Bey.Thank you, Hanim.Likewise, Gundogdu Bey.He has trusted you a lot since you saved his life.So, warn Gundogdu Bey.Tell him that Ertugrul disappeared……and met with his Alps and Abdurrahman tell him everything you know.Open his eyes.Open his eyes……so that Ertugrul will not harm Tugtekin Bey.Do you understand?Yes, Hanim.I understand very well.No one shall know where I will go……or when.What about me, Ertugrul?You shall not know, too.You will wait patiently.I know your fight is not just for our baby……but all Kayi babies.That consoles me.

I shall pray for you every day.I will grin and bear it.They say patience leads to salvation.Ertugrul, you need to talk to your brother.You must bring him to your side whatever the cost.Selcan is also very troubled.All right.I will talk to my brother for one last time.Do not worry.Are you going to let him leave like this, Baycu Noyan?Yes.Until he is lost from view.He is wondering whether I will keep my promise or not.He must think that he is free.What if he goes and does not come back?Then he will die.-To earn your friendship.-Thank you.Let your watchman to be around me.Noyan’s eyes are on you.If you want to catch the big fish, Tangut, you must use big bait.Do not forget this.Take them.You are doing it wrong, move!Gokce, what happened?Why are you upset at this time of the day?Leave me alone, sister!Selcan Hatun, where is Gundogdu brother?He went to a caravan to bargain, Ertugrul Bey.Gokce, did something happen between you and Ertugrul?Thank God, I come across a real Bey, son of Suleyman Shah.Thank God, we met.Welcome to Erzurum, Merchant Ahmet.I brought greetings and prayers to you from Konya.

Peace be upon you.My uncle Korkut and Mother Hayme also sent their greetings to you.Thank you.Your caravan was raided, I am sorry to hear that, Bey.Thank you. May our friends saved.Thank you, Bey.Bey, that swine called Noyan is also here.May God give you strength and patience.If God permits.-After you, Bey.-Bey?We took the security measures you asked.You can be rest assured.-Alright.-After you, Bey.Take care of the horses and the tribe.Ertugrul!Are you going to ironworks?Yes, uncle.Let us walk together, then.I know that the situation of your tribe hurts you.It is unacceptable that the mission your father gave to you……was taken by my son……and your sword holding hand’s condition.But do not forget.I am your uncle.Your mother is my blood. So are you.I want you to know that neither you nor your siblings……are different from my children.There is nothing to worry.May God heal your hand first and you come back among us.What I say is……if we want to live in these lands, we must pay the price.

We cannot deserve these lands without blood.Protect Halime Sultan.Do not leave her alone.Your baby will bring peace to your mother and your tribe.Do you understand me, son?Thank you, uncle.May God give you a long life.In conclusion, we seek an honest merchant who will not take advantage.A man who will not overprice……because the Mongols are after us, an honest man.May God be my witness……there is no bazaar I have not been between from Constantine to Konya.Your animals are fat, your rugs are vivid and people love them.Thank you.Your drapes are worthy of palaces.Doing business with Kayi is profitable for all merchants, Bey.If God permits, we will have a deal.I have no doubt about it.If God permits.So, if both sides are willing, let us start with the help of God.You must be hungry.-Did Alps take their food, Kocabash?-They did, Bey.Thank you, so we can start.With the help of God, enjoy.What do you think about the situation?

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