EPISODE 15 Barbaroslar

This is Episode 15 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. -Have you given water to Antuan?-We have, Oruc Reis.Eyvallah.You have my sword.Kill me in a way befitting to a Venetian noble, by my own sword, Oruc.This is my last wish.Have you eaten enough?Are you comfortable enough?You are one of the biggest enemies of the Christians in Mediterranean.I am comfortable as much as a Christian noble, who is taken as a prisoner by you.However you are aware of our threat……we are also aware that you are a key person for Christians.Then, you must be proud of yourself for capturing me.You have no importance personally for us.You are important because we are going to destroy the goal of Christians in Mediterranean.Tell me.Rhodians and Venetians never get along well.

What made you to go to Pietro?To establish the great unity of crusaders in Mediterranean?And you negotiated on Ilyas in your parley, is that so?Let’s say we did.What can you do about it, Oruc?Even if you ally with Ottoman……you can’t stop the great unity of crusaders.For you consider me as your biggest enemy in Mediterranean……it means you have fear.We are going to learn all of your plans by using you.We will shackle you.And we are going to close the door of Mediterranean forever for you.It seems that the person I saw as my biggest enemy was actually my brother.This situation will be so difficult for both of us for a while.Fate dragged us to the enemy lines.This must stay as a secret between us for some time.Whatever happens, the years with full of suffering has ended, brother.We have come together finally.My beautiful Maria.Who knows what you went through all this time.Obviously, that Dervish forced you to become a Muslim.How difficult these things are for a little kid.No.Nothing happened by force.I wanted it by myself.I chose to be Meryem.We fell into enemy lines and became enemy to each other without knowing.Maybe that Dervish, who watched you grow u hid this truth from you. Maybe, he knew it!

What if we killed each other, Maria They are so cruel that they can even lead two siblings to kill each other!No! No! No! You think wrong!And all of these has passed.Even though you are the commander of Kalymnos and I am Meryem, we are still brother and sister.This is the truth.No, no, no… You are not Meryem.You are my dear sister, Maria.I will find the way to turn you into what you used to be.You and I are the children of a Christian family.I will do my best to make you understand this again and I’ll do it right away.Come in.Sir, you need to come urgently. There has been unexpected events in the island.You wait for me here.Oruc raided Terendos Island. He slaughtered the army of knights coming from Rhodes.He saved Ilyas and captured Leonardo and Antuan.Oruc-How could he raid Terendos Island?How could he even learn that we kept Ilyas there?

Send news to the patrol ships on Oruc’s route right away.Attack and take Leonardo from them and bring here!The representatives of all Christian world will be here tomorrow!I need to get Leonardo before that meeting! Come on, quickly!I need to get Leonardo before that meeting! Come on, quickly!Father.We’ve learned that a ship is sailing in the north of Kalymnos.Hizir and Piri Reis are also on the ship.They are certainly coming for Meryem.Sail and attack them immediately.I want Hizir as a prisoner in here.For Oruc took Leonardo, I will take Hizir.No one knew that we kept Ilyas in Terendos but us.How could Oruc of learned that?Maybe, someone inside gave this information to him….saved Ilyas.You may get happy, I understand.No one from outside knew the island Ilyas was held.Did you learn……the information within the castle……and inform Oruc?Did you inform him?Did you endanger your brother’s life, Maria?No, brother.I did not.I did not leave the room, if I did, your guards could see me.Okay.You got happy for what just happened.But soon, things that will make you sad will happen.Be prepared for that.

Our biggest enemy turned out to be my brother.And I endangered his life with my own hands.My brother wants to destroy my beloved ones.My Allah, show me the right way.I know sailors like you well.Whoever gives you the most gold, you side with them.We will give you more than what Ottoman Empire pays you, work for us.We will also give you an island.You can build your pirate empire.A nice offer.A nice offer.But we only make alliances with……honorable people, for honorable goals.You don’t have little bit of honor in you, and your goals.And you can’t buy that with gold.Just because you hold a few islands, do you think you can control seas?We hold Cyprus, Rhodes, Mora……Corsica, Sardinya……and whole Mediterranean sea until Gibraltar.Don’t worry.We will start with Cyprus, and……we won’t stop until we take over whole Mediterranean sea until Andalusia.Our ships will become sea dragons, and swallow all of you!You and people like you……will learn this while suffering in pain!

I am not only Venice……I’m also Castillo, Aragon……France……I am Holy Roman Empire!You can’t fight against all of them!By taking me captive, you took a bite that you cannot swallow.You will pay dearly for this.Since that many enemies will be against us……we must have power enough to fend off all of them.We have a saying, Leonardo…”A wolf that does not make at least 40 dogs…..is not a real wolf!”Let us hear how you bark first……then…..we will pierce all of you with our claws, and destroy you, with the help of Allah!I caught you Hizir.Prepare the cannons!Cannoneers! To the cannons!Get ready to shoot the……stern of the ship!We will destroy its helm.

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