EPISODE 13 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is EPISODE Number 13 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. Simon has captured Amanda and bring her to the tribe. His intentions are to fight between the two tribes. H wants that Amanda give the name of Ural to Ertugrul and Ertugrul becomes angry on the Ural and the fight between two Tribes could be started.When the Ural sees Amanda in Ertugrul hands. He starts beating Amanda and warns her that don’t spill the beans if you do so I ‘ll kill you and if you shut your mouth I ‘ll save you. Ertugrul comes to the Ural and stops him that even if she is guilty it is not in our custom to beat a woman before judgment.Ertugrul orders Abdul Rehman to take the girl to the Tent. Simon tells Ertugrul that my sister Maria saw Amanda talking with Fransisco. Ertugrul asks Simon that why he didn’t talk before if he did know about it. Simon replies that I acted as soon as I learned the facts. Simon also makes a point to Ertugrul that you Turk people don’t believe in a Christian even if he told the truth. Ertugrul replies that Turk always trust real men.

Cholpan comes to the Ural and asks him about what happened to Amanda? Why they are pulling her from the market by force. The Ural tells her that she is taken to Ertugrul for questioning. Cholpan tells the Ural that if she talks we are done for. The Ural tells her that don’t worry she won’t talk but he is going to kill that infidel Simon. The Ural comes back to the Tent where everyone is questioning from Amanda. Amanda tells Ertugrul that even children around here know that you have more enemies than friends. Ertugrul asks him to tells the names of those enemies. Amanda alk at once that she already told everything to Aliyar Bey. Aliyar says to her that if you know Francisco you knew who held that bastard’s leash. Everyone is asking their question to Amanda including Candar but Amanda is very strong to keep silent. Amanda tells about Francisco that she suspected in him as she already has told this to Aliyar Bey. Aertugrul tells him your suspicions proved correct and you will also tell Francisco’s master. Amanda tells the name of Simon all of sudden.

The Ural seems to prove wrong Amanda then she talks that you ask for my suspect I have told you the name of Simon. Mother Hayma asks Amanda that if he is the Master of Francisco then why he brings you here? Ertugrul asks further that Simon’s sister Maria has seen Francisco in your stall. Amanda tells that anyone can come to her stall. She cleverly tells that Simon brings me here to remove any suspicion from himself. In short, Amanda has taken to the cage Tent. Candar bey takes permission from Ertugrul to go now. Ertugrul invites him to the door to a feast of gratitude for Halime and Gunduz Salvation. Candar welcome this invitation happily.

Simon and Philip are going out of the Tribe. Simon tells that we have done their part now let see how the Ural will get out of this situation. The Ural and his wife were in such agitation from their guilt. Ongoing out of the tribe goats passed through on the way of Simon and Philip. Simon says to Philip that “look Shephards, dwelling with their goats in the mud, seized our lands. Ertugrul family is talking about the favor of Simon. He wouldn’t give a bowl of water to his father even if he were dying why should he do a favor to us., Halime said. Mr. Arfi also agrees to Halime Sultan.

Everybody asking from Ertugrul that what are the intentions of Simon. Mr. Arif says that the real question is what we ll do plan now? Ertugrul says that he will let Amanda go. Why he let Amanda go you will see all on the screen in this Episode. Keep Watching Dirilis and Enjoy. LatePassword is the password for this Episodes. Thank you!

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