EPISODE 12 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is EPISODE Number 12 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. Wounded Roshan is feeling better now. Babar, Gunkut, and Safdar come to see him in his tent. Sandra is sad about that they cannot complete the mission successfully and can’t see the face of Spy. Babar tells all that don’t be sad. They always fulfill their duties. Rohan says therein concern is that Halime Sultan and Aslihan fell into the hands of bandits. Their Babar starts a story of a Turk tribe to encourage all of in friends. They also pray for the victory of their bey Ertugrul. Babe tells them with the example of his story that Ertugrul name will be bright in the history of Turks so after listening to this everybody face has a smile and relaxed.

Francisco is planning about when Ertugrul brings gold to him alone. He tells his bandit friends that Ertugrul is a very dangerous man and also he is not foolish. He will come alone as I request him but they have to take measures and assign duties to his men. He instructs them that if Ertugrul doesn’t come alone then kill of-of them and also women, Halime is worrying about his son, She is remembering his father and brother deaths and now his son is wounded badly. She is remembering the day when she told Ertugrul about her pregnancy. Aslihan courage him to not get in despair. If Allah wills so, you will be reunited with Gunduz.

Simon is talking about the attack on Kayi women with his friends. Maria talks about Amanda that the Ural assign Amanda as a spy on us. Maria says that Amanda will pay the price for this. They are all planning the future of both Tribes. They suggest to deliver Amanda to Ertugrul and the rest will follow in rapid succession. They assign Petrus to keep an eye on Amanda stall. Simon also warns Philip to not go at Noorgul. Simon tells about what happened in the Tribe between Ertugrul and Noorgul. He tells them that he is witnessed all of this so they can trust on Noorgul Now.

Noorgul is actually very worried about his Ertugrul bey situation, His wife has been kidnapped and son is wounded badly. He is praying in the Han in his room to protect Ertugrul bey’s loved ones. When Maria comes in his room he started to pray for his soldiers who were killed by Ural man. Maria says Amin to they prayers of Noorgul. Maria is totally in love with Noorgul and tells him that she is waiting for this day for a long time. Babr is sitting with Roshan in the presence of Gul Bano. Babar tells that he wishes that your reunion day should be better, Roshan tells when their tribe will be out of troubles that day will actually their Re-Union day. While they are talking Ertugrul comes and Gulbano talks to him. He grants forgiveness from him that she spoke harsh words when she was away from Roshan. All faces are smiling and Ertugrul tells her that I am very thankful to you that you have sacrificed yourself during the raid of Bandits. Rohan tells Ertugrul his work about Karachisar Castle is all done with the help of Allah. He tells that he has drawn every inch of the place.How many entries has, how many escapes exist, where their guards standing, He knows it all. Ertugrul tells Roshan that for this cause while spying you faced lot of troubles and these troubles will enlighten our way. Now he has to take rest. Roshan says that He wants to go with him. Babar tells we don’t want that you go alone there. Ertugrul replies that He is not alone. Allah is with him.

The Ural comes to Amanda to talk about that what is the situation of this work. Amanda tells him that Aslihan and Halima are kidnapped. Hasan is listening secretly all of this. Amanda tells him that all work is going fine but one problem is there that Francisco has double his amount. The Ural says that after all he is a bandit hat more we can expect from him. The Ural also warns Amanda that Fransisco should not know that I am behind all of this otherwise he will spit his throat. She tells him that he has not to worry about his. Amanda asks what will you do now. The Ural tells him that he will save Ertugrul and his family as Kopek tells him to make good relation with Ertugrul. Password for this video is LoadShedding and really load-shedding has been started badly like its one hour light and one-hour load shedding. Thank you and Enjoy!

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