EPISODE 11 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

After Season ONE of Dirlis, We are proudly presenting Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Thank God.Thank God, Bey is alive.Thank God.Halime.My darling.My beautiful doe.We have a long way together.Even though the end of the way is obvious, it is still ours.I do not know our fate and the lifetime that God gave us.However, as long as I am alive I will not let neither you nor my child worry about anything, Halime Sultan.Come on, wake up.I am pregnant, Ertugrul.May God always keep you among us.I will be a father! A father!I am here to free you from your pain.Come on, wake up.May I come in, Ertugrul Bey?Come in, Artuk Bey.Now that you are here, she will get better.Thank God, you look very healthy.When I see you, I feel like I am seeing late Suleyman Shah.What is Halime Sultan’s situation?She is in a bad condition.She has survived till now, she did not give up.

We will lose either the baby or both.Son…I need to see Wild Demir, mother.Go, son.Ertugrul.My uncle will sacrifice an animal in his marquee.Every animal we sacrifice before we get Noyan’s head is dirty, brother.Tugtekin.Son, calm down.Do you think he gets what he wants just because he wanted Headquarters to convene?He rides the high horse. He thinks he can get everything he wants.We fed them while they were hungry!We dressed them!He wanted Headquarters to convene in spite of all we have done.He asked why we exiled his Alps at the nomad tent.Son, calm down.He is still your cousin.First, you should be happy he is alive.I threw my hat into the ring.I will make him pay for this.God, give me patience!Are you going to shed blood?If he does not obey me, I will.Bey……with your permission…Tugtekin speaks the truth.We should nip it in the bud.However, there is a certain way to nip it in the bud, Tugtekin.In any case, if you sow the wind you will reap the whirlwind.Do not forget that.So, what shall I do?Two nomad tents are united now, there is no turning back from this.We will invite him to the Headquarters meeting.

But it will be Kayi Beys who do not choose him. Not us.And how is this going to happen?We will find Ertugrul’s weak point, Bey.Wild Demir.God, please let it be his voice that I just heard.Take my life.Thank God.Bey.Animals being sacrificed, the meal given to our people…Are they doing this to give Ertugrul what he deserves or to convince him?The verdict about Ertugrul has been given.From now on,Tugtekin will command the Alps.I know how much you love your brother.If you are torn between your love and nomad tent I know you will choose your nomad tent.Do not waste Ertugrul just like that, Gundogdu.Because my mother and you were on the right track yesterday but Ertugrul is back.If you and Mother Hayme will not take a step backward you will go astray.My mother and I know what we are doing, woman.You just mind your own business.Have you ever seen that Ertugrul has given up?Especially if the mission was given to him by his father.

Your verdict will have no importance for him.I said we should not have gone to Aleppo, but they did!I said we should not have come to Anatolia, but they did!They should know better and not do anything.Otherwise, Gundogdu Bey will make them understand!God, please help.God, please spare my wife and my child.Do not let my descendants go astray.Give us strength.Help us, so that we can get out of this blind hole we are in.You will watch every step Ertugrul and his Alps take.What about the other Kayi Alps?Try to get them on your side.Cause a rift between them if necessary.Do you understand?Do not worry about it, Bey.They will be in blind holes.Son…Your uncle hosts this dinner for you.I cannot leave Halime, mother.I want her to see me first when she opens her eyes.

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