EPISODE 10 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

After Season ONE of Dirlis, We are proudly presenting Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Seven Iron?He dug Aykiz’s grave by his own hands.He only had Aykiz in this world.And she has gone to another world.His look, his talk and everything he does have changed.You prolonged my life, brother.May God bless you.Thank you, Bey.From now on, Halime will stay in my marquee.Also, Gokce will sleep in my marquee.As you wish, mother.Are you worried for her baby, mother?Do not worry,I have eyes only for her, too.Gokce and Halime, they are both my sister.Her child is my child.I will not let anything bad happen to her and her baby.It is a miracle that her baby is still alive.Come on, my daughter.You shall go to your work.They slaughtered even women and children.They thought our women would have been afraid and surrender.Our women fought like Alps.Bey.Know that, if we do not make those inglorious bastards pay for it I will be ashamed of being a man.Turgut Alpwe cannot drink or eat anything until we make them pay for bloodshed they did.

What happened to Kayi will happen to all Turkmen tribes.If we do not stop these tyrants we will lose Anatolia.How will we fight back to Mongols who brought all world to their knees?All the world groans bitterly by the tyranny of Mongols and Crusaders.If we are afraid of those tyrants if we do not stop them what shall oppressed people do?If we do not stop tyranny, we will not be Alps, Bey.We could only be Turk, if we do not knuckle under tyranny.We could only be Turk if we fight infidels.We could be Turk if we are a hope to the oppressed.What are you thinking of, Bey?We will fight until we perish, until we die.Gundogdu Bey!Calm down Selcan, I am fine.How could you say that, Bey?You are wounded.Mongols attacked him near the plain.Now he is fine, Selcan Hatun.If Kocabash had not been there, you would be mourning for me now, Hatun.From now on, he is my brother.Know that.Do you know why you are not speared to these logs, Tankut?It is not the things a man has that makes him weak but the things he wishes for.You must learn to not give up and sleep as Ertugrul does.It was not possible to pass all guards and escape.But he escaped.If you sleep or doze off the fork will pierce both your chin and chest.If you survive you will regain my trust.

It will not be easy to catch him again.-We will attract his attention.-How?I have a very powerful tool to do this.I am grateful to you, brother.You took my nomad tent under your wing.You re-erected my husband’s marquee.May God bless you.If God permits, both nomad tents will grow together.If God permits.If God permits, that would happen.But Mongols coming near our nomad tent trying to kill my nephew is not acceptable.Is it, Tugtekin?Uncle……if jackals attack the nest the wolves, of course, lay an ambush.Do not worry.From now on, neither Dodurga nor Kayi Alps will sleep.I gave orders to Alps, father.I punished the faulty ones.From now on, we will keep a sharp lookout in the nomad tent. Do not worry.Mistakes are made once, son.Repetition is foolish.We have no right to be foolish, uncle.I mean, going after head scarfed was my fault.A momentary inattention can cost our lives.Dodurga and Kayi Alps and your nomad tents will be of one heart under Tugtekin’s command.After late Ertugrul’s unskillful Alps left there is no one left in nomad tent who has bad intentions.They did not leave, Aytolun.

They will come back to their nomad tent when they are done being a guest.Moreover, they are my sons.I raised all of them.I have no pity on them for my nomad tent’s unity but it does not mean I give up on them.All the Alps are our sons, Mother Hayme.But yours is not being a guest.Oghuz tribes are welcomed in each other’s tribe.Some of us treat our Alps like they are step-children.You and Gokce are step-children of Mother Hayme, Selcan Hatun.But she treats you like her own children.Moreover, she married you with her own son.She loves you more than her daughter.Know that, Kayi Alps are our own son, too.Give me bread.We need to learn Noyan’s intention.If we do not know what he is planning he will cause us trouble sooner or later.According to news coming from Konya, Sultan Alaeddin was gathering an army.Sultan Alaeddin’s army cannot be here before winter ends.So we need to be cautious.We need to prepare winter storage.Mongol fear captured every soul even before they fought with them.That is why we need to keep our eyes peeled.We should not hasten.What happens if we crack down on Noyan?If we crack down on Noyan we will be miserable even in the very first battle.Our mothers, daughters and sisters will be miserable in infidels’ hands.They will also destroy the nomad tents.

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