EPISODE 10 Barbaroslar

This is Episode 10 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

In Barbaroslar Episode 10, Oruj carried the architect and sent him to Hayrabay. The new Emir of Alexandria named Karabay showed up at the port and requested Burak to leave the city. Burak had a deal in his grasp and showed this to Karabay and afterward Karabay got back to the royal residence. Oruj returned to his home and came to realize that Despina was presently not pregnant.

Jafer came to realize that Ishaq had killed the Yorgo and gave this news to the new Emir. Isabel tracked down an encoded message in the workplace of her dad and went to meet Oruj. Oruj shared with Khizir to figure out this code. Ishaq was captured by Karabay and afterward Karabay captured Oruj. At the point when Karabay was going to deal with the court himself, Burak showed up there and said that now Oruj is a minister for the ottoman realm and proclaimed Ishaq as a stool Bey. On paying attention to Burak, Karabay delivered both.

Pietro caught a boat of privateers and cruised this towards the Kalymnos island. Pietro came to realize that Diego is the new leader and set himself towards Alexandria so he could demonstrate his innocence. Pietro was allowed a second opportunity by Unita. Shahbaz was one more child of Kilic who returned to his clan and blew up at his dad. Pietro requested the barrels stacked with gold from the stream of Nile to go toward the southern inlet.

Oruj made an arrangement to go toward the northern straight. Khizir set towards the island with a boat he has taken from the Kilic. Khizir looked for the young lady yet the locals went after him. Shahbaz came to realize that his dad has given a boat to Khizir he gave him poison and killed him. Pietro understood that something is off-base when he was sitting tight for the Oruj at northern inlet however he didn’t show up there.

Oruj changed the arrangement and held onto the barrels. Despina was hijacked by Pietro and he requested barrels from Oruj against Despina. Ilyas attempted to save Despina yet she fell into the well and passed on. At the point when Khizir was feeling that he has found the young lady he was searching for, Diego halted him and killed Niko. Oruj went to meet Isabel however came to realize that she had been grabbed by somebody.

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