EPISODE 08 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is 8th Episode of Drills Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. Roshan has shown his face to Simon’s men as Sultan’s Spy instead of Ertugrul. They want to kill him on the spot but Babar with other soldiers are there to help him. They have completed the mission to show them that Ertugrul is not the Spy of Sultan so they let them escape to take this News to Simon. Babar have such fun with his fellow soldier there. Roshan asks about his wife and get emotional. Babar tells him that she is fine and always keeps her eye trained on the road. Roshan is going to lay low for some more time until Ertugrul calls him to the Tribe. Ertugrul and Halime are Wandering on the Horses to be alone and just talk. Halime tells Ertugrul a good news about their second child. She tells him that she is pregnant. After listening this Ertugrul becomes very excited and praise to Allah for this blessing.

While They are rejoicing this moment yet some people comes with swords in their hands and demand for gold from them. Ertugrul talks to halide that whenever she tells him about his child something bad comes upon us. Ertugrul asks them who are they. They tells Ertugrul that they are the soldiers of Ertugrul and we pass the law around here. After listening this lie Ertugrul and halime have smile on their faces. The looters wonders that why are they laughing then Ertugrul tell them that let me check you that how I trained you if you are my soldiers. After fight Ertugrul warns them to not come near to their tribe and don’t use his name during raids. He tells Halime that their name is spreading around and insha’Allah their lineage will glorify their name. Ertugul stops Halime to not tell this news to anyone yet until the appropriate time will come.

Mr. Arif is trying to find the conclusion about the tongue of Toktamish. The gets two partridges for experiment. Ishak asks Mr. Arif about the cutting tongue of a dead man that what their religion said about this. Mr, Arif tells him that our religion tells us that get into right path of Islam and don’t go in to dark pathes. Ertugrul is back to tribe and Zuljaan return all the responsibilities back to Ertugrul.Erufrul asks they beys about the duty. Beys tells Ertugrul that they are satisfied with Zuljaan work. Then Ertugrul talks with beys and Zuljaan about the water way to Tribe and some other matters like stockyards. Zuljaan tells Ertugrul that he send back master Hajaturyan to search for Gold Mine because if didn’t send him that man will die.Ertugril is happy with this work of Zuljaan and appreciate him.

Hajaturyan is back to lake with the soldiers and this time he is successful to find this mine. They all are very happy and come back to tribe.

Aliyar has arrived to Kayi tribe to asks about his work with Mr. Arif about the tongue. Mr, Arif tells him that there is a strange poison was on the tongue. The Drinker of the Poison not only be harmed but also the people around him also be hurt from him. This kind of Poison makes a cool bird like partridge wild and He kills the other bird. SultanSpy is the password for this Video. Thank you and Enjoy!

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