EPISODE 07 Barbaroslar

This is Episode 07 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

In Barbaroslar Episode 7, Jafer was going to explode the boat and afterward Oruj just showed up at the depo of the boat and asked him without a second to spare that he shouldn’t do this. Radko chose to go to a protected spot to save his boat. Pietro organized a supper for showing Antuan the new warriors that he planned to provide for him. The following when Zeynab was attempting to go to the shelter, Khizir began looking for Esther on the lookout.

Oruj conversed with his companions to uncover the mystery plans of Unita. At the point when Khizir was attempting to capture Esther in the marketplace, Radko went after them yet couldn’t get them. Pietro told that Antuan will currently utilize the name of dark privateer and threaten all Muslims in the Mediterranean. Antuan couldn’t comprehend what Pietro has said yet acknowledged this intend to kill Oruj. Golem went to Isabel to give her a few reports and a mystery message. Radko went to the workplace of Sylvio at the evening and he chose to go after Khizir.

Isabel went to the place of Oruj to caution Despina. Khizir killed the aggressors who came to his home in the pursuit of Esther once more, when Ishaq was going to the shelter house with Despina, then, at that point, warriors of Sylvio went after them. A few new fighters of Antuan came to go after the boat of Oruj. Oruj has previously seen this development from the privateers and cautioned his companions.

Because of this mindfulness, the assault from the privateers couldn’t succeed. Ilyas caught a privateer and he came to be aware from that caught privateer that a portion of his colleagues will go after a Muslim town. A cardinal came to Pietro to let him know that he will whine about him to Pope. Pietro unexpectedly killed that Cardinal so as not to uncover his arrangements. Khizir found Esther that evening and let him know that he is the companion of Suliman.

Esther prepared to go with him to the shelter with Khizir. In the timberland they were gone after by Radko and Radko let them know that he will kill them. Oruj save the town from privateers and returned to his boat. Antuan saw that Oruj I is returning and he requested his men to take shots at the boat of Oruj.

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