EPISODE 05 Barbaroslar

This is Episode 05 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

In Barbaroslar Episode 5, Radko arrived at Ishaq’s home and gone after it to take Suliman, yet Ishaq and Khizir prevented him from doing this, however he became effective in harming Suliman. Due to being harmed Suliman understood that he will kick the bucket and told his will to Khizir. Sahin prohibited the boat of Oruj and requested that he convey Ebu Mohammad.

Oruj gave up and acknowledged his deal so he could save the existences of his companions and said that he will tackle this issue when they got back to Alexandria. Pietro saw what Sahin was doing from a far distance and he needed to go after the two boats, however Diego got effective in halting him. Khizir checked all the shelves in the shop of Suliman and soon he got tracked down the mystery book.

Khizir set himself out towards Alexandria to satisfy the desire of Suliman. Ishaq, Zeynab and Niko were likewise with Khizir in this excursion. Sahin stowed away with Mohammad for a Bedouin clan close to a stream. Hayrabay came to be aware of the area of Sahin and gave this news to Oruj. Oruj went after that spot to save his companions and Ebu Mohammad. Around then Kilic arrived at there and halted them. Kilic apologized to Oruj on doing of his child and shared with Oruj that he considered him to be his child.

The fighters of Oruj figured out Ebu Mohammad and gave him over to Hayrabay. Hayrabay satisfied his commitment and gave him cash to purchase another boat for himself. Oruj went to purchase a boat from the port and saw the costs are soar. Isabel gave an errand to Oruj of Jafer to help what is happening. Sylvio was exceptionally furious about this and slapped Isabel on this. Radko began shooting on the sets of Pietro to get Khizir.

Khizir and Niko made a few openings in the boat of Radko. Jafer put dangerous situations on the boat that was going towards Thessaloniki with the assistance of Sahin to get payback from Oruj. The barrels were going to burst on the boat yet was found by Oruj and Ilyas prior to exploding. Jafer went after Oruj to dispose of Oruj without the blast. Ishaq and the skipper were going to find success in making sank the boat of Radko.

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