EPISODE 04 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is Episode number 04 of Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. Ertugrul sells his rugs to Venetians and Ural is waiting on his stall that Venetians will come to buy Cavdar rugs with their own will. Master Simon comes to Ural and tells him about the rugs. Ural becomes angry and asks who tells this to Ertugrul that venetians are here to buy Rugs. Simon tells him that this all doings are done by her sister Aslihan. Ural comes to Ertugrul and talk to him about the rugs which he has sold with a good price. Ertugrul says that I am marking your words and sells all the rugs. When Ertugrul goes Ural orders Batuhan to attack to the Caravan. He tells him to kill al the men and burn the rugs. Maria is talking with Noorgul with love. Its like that she has fallen in love with Noorgul. Hacaturyan buys all things of his need. Zuljaan and all soldiers gets all the supplies for tribe needs. Noorgul is ready to go with rugs. Master Simon asks Maira that she is ensnaring Noorgul in her potent webs but she tells that her webs are for her holy cause, Noorgul issue is different. Simon tell her that Ural will burn all the rugs and will kill Noorgul so nothing will bereft from Noorgul. She tell s her to go with Philip to Karacahiser castle to get collect their money.

Ural sees that her is no corpse hanging of Toktamis. He gets angry and asks the soldier. They tells him that Mr. Aliyar has removed it and made him ready for burial. Ural reached to his father’s tent and asks Aslihan that what she did? Aslihan tells him that she did nothing but He is the reason to not selling the rugs in the Market. Ural lift his hand to slap her but Aliyar comes and stop him. During all this their Father Jandar comes and asks what are they doing. He tells to his father that I couldn’t sold rugs because of Aslihan. Father asks Aslihan she tells him that Ural sets the price higher than we agreed here with father and messed everything up.

When Father asks about this to Ural he says the for nightiation he sets the price a little high. He thinks that Venetians will buy the rugs only from their tribe but Aslihan has messed up and told Ertugrul about it. Venetians buy rugs from Kayi tribe instead. After listening all this father becomes angry with Aslihan and asks her how can she do this. All the Efforts to Expand their Kilimhane has thrown is waste by her. Father says to her that he couldn’t think about it what she did to him. Ural take advantage of situation snd get rid of Aslihan to comes to Market with him from now on, He tells his father from now Either his wife Cholpan will assist him or he will not do the business.

Ural is talking with Chilean that he has gotten rid of Alihsan. Now Ertugrul will leave these lands. Cholpan tells him that he will leave but maybe he will get Aslihan with him. Ural ask what is she saying then Cholpan tells him that Ertugrul is in heart of Aslihan otherwise she wouldn’t have done such a stupiddity. Ural gives the necklace to Cholpan the Simon gives him. Ertugrul comes back to Tribe with successful and hope for prosperity in his Tribe. All the Tribe is very happy to see Ertugrul and all the goods of their need. Everyone is so happy in the Tribe. Ertgrul address there that these goods are enough for everyone and their tribe has gotten a prosperity after Long years. Noorgul and his soldiers are with caravan and Noorgul is taking measures to take care of Rugs. There is night in the way and Noorgul tells the soldiers to not sleep at a time. Only one soldier can sleep at a time.

Ertugrul is planning further. He is telling about the future plans of his conquests. They are also planning to catch-up the Baptist. Daud reaches to tribe and tells that he was following the slave trader but because of confusion in the Market he lost him. On the other hand Simon is also planning. They are talking about that someone was following the Tristan in the Market disguised in Arab clothes. They asks Simon Is there someone you suspect He tells the Name of Ertugrul not the other side When Ertugrul gets the same question that Is he suspects then he names the Simon.

Jaandar calls his all family to take them account. He advices to all of them to get united. He gives the responsibility of Market business to Ural with his already responsibility of safety of Tribe. Chilean will work in the Workplace and take care of all the work in Workplace. Aslihan will take care of only their tent. Ural asks his father to fillip the position of Toktamis then jaandar assign Aliyar to replace Toktamis position.

I think this is enough for now. You will see rest of story on the screen. Rugsburning is the password for this Episode. Watch and Enjoy Drills Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles only on www.giveme5.co.

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