EPISODE 03 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

After Season ONE of Dirlis, We are proudly presenting Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Kayis will seehow courageous you are.You would seek danger without batting an eye to find Ertugrul.It is my duty to help anyone who is in trouble.It is so.However, your altruism becomes more valuable if it’s Ertugrul who is in trouble.See? Ertugrul’s reputation has reached everywhere from Genghis Khan’s palace to Konya, Damascus and Constantine.You are as courageous as he is and even more intelligent.Why are you telling me all this?Because, mothers want their sons to become famous and become Beys, son.That’s why.If only I could come with you, brother.Don’t leave our sister alone.We’ll do whatever is necessary, brother.Godspeed, sons.

Dogan?Don’t come back unless you find our Bey.Godspeed you!This is where Ertugrul and Halime Sultan were attacked.We’ll take three different routes.Gundogdu and I will be in the middle.And mounted troops will follow us from left and right.In case of an attack, they’ll support us and provide our security.Which tracker are you with?The best ones, father.Samca and Bogac.And my Alp Kocabas.I also took the best with me, uncle.Not to worry.Noyan has arrived with vanguards from Tabriz.He aims to gather information and to be prepared for the real attack.You must be very careful.May God help you.Blessed be our holy war!Do your best, and with God’s help you’ll achieve victory.-Thank you, uncle. Excuse me.-Thank you, my courageous son.Give me your blessings, father.

I give you my blessings, my courageous son.Excuse me.Why are you so late?I am sorry, Bey.-Who is this, brother?-He is one of Ertugrul’s Alps.I’m risking the lives of my men to find your Bey.I won’t accept any mistakes.Keep that in mind.Not to worry, Bey.We’ll do our best.We have full confidence in him.You can trust him, too.If you vouch for him, brother…I am very upset about what happened, Selcan.Thank you, Aytolun.I’ve heard you lost three of your children.Your weak bodycouldn’t carry the babies.The happiness and peace of a woman stems from giving birth to her husband’s children.-It hurts me to see you like this.-It was God’s will, Ayrolun.Without any doubt.You must never worry about others You look very well.You had no trouble taking your predecessor’s place.God bless.I was told that you’d become an angel.However, the devil won’t leave you alone with that sharp tongue of yours, Selcan.You should know that your demons can’t run wild here.

Mighty God who turns the night into day, and day into night, who controls fate and who dominates time.Save me fromthis contempt soon enough.Don’t allow me to become desperate and miserable in front of my enemies.Don’t let me surrender to the cruel.Don’t upset my wife, my mother and my Alps, who are waiting for me, God.Give me strength to endure even if they shred me into pieces, Almighty God.I couldn’t do it.I couldn’t protect my nomad tent.Don’t talk like that, Hayme.You stood straight across these jackals.They took one life from you, but you took three.The ones they killed were mostly women and children.You put up an excellent fight.They’ll pay for this eventually.They burned down everything.They destroyed our tents and goods.They plundered everything we own.We’re homeless on the brink of winter.What am I here for, Hayme?What are Aytolun and Tugtekin here for?This used to be your nomad tent once.You are back at your nomad tent where you were born and where you became a bride.Thank you, brother.I’ll never forget your kindness.Aytolun had someone set up a tent for you and your daughters.

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