EPISODE 02 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

After Season ONE of Dirlis, We are proudly presenting Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles.Mother!-Bring some water, Bacis.-Hayme, where did they attack?-At the Cortuk Bosporus, brother.I had never seen them so crowded.Some of them attacked the Alps……and the others attacked women and children.They were so blinded with anger.They attacked like hungry wolves.Kayi tent has battled many times.However, we have never seen such pillage and cruelty, brother.Our women and children fought back with weapons.They battled courageous just like their men, brothers and sons.

However, most people could not escape death.This means that the Moguls attacked earlier than we expected.Difficult days await us from now on.Welcome, Mother. Aunt, I heard the news. I am very sorry.-What is the situation?-Tugtekin, my swarthy nephew.Thank you.The Moguls.I swear to God that I will make life a living hell for those who have done this to you.Your Ertugrul brother and Gundogdu brother will defeat them, if God permits.Of course, Aunt. Of course.What they said was true, father.They did not send the best Ogeday of Genghis Khan for nothing.

If they come, they will see, son.Halime?Ertugrul?Halime?Daughter?-Halime?-Halime, what happened to you?Halime, tell us what happened, daughter.The Moguls…Ertugrul and I were riding our horses, mother.We came across with them.Ertugrul sent me to inform you.-Where is Ertugrul?-He was battling with them.I fought with the Moguls while escaping.I managed to kill them and escape.Halime!Bring some water! Give her some water!Drink.Drink, Halime. Drink, honey.Not to worry. Ertugrul Bey is not frightened off by those dogs.Tell us, come on.-Daughter…I did not know what to do when I saw the caravan burned and overthrown.I went to the last place I saw Ertugrul.Halime? What did you see?Ertugrul had killed many of them.Ertugrul?I found his horse, not my man, mother.

I did not see Ertugrul either alive or dead.We did not stop anywhere.We haven’t seen the light of day either during summer or in winter.It will be easy after this winter.There won’t be anything to worry about anymore.-I don’t worry about myself.-Who are you worried about?For our baby, Gunduz.I am pregnant, Ertugrul.I will give birth to your son.You shall not make him cry because of longing for his father anywhere.God! Do not let me die before taking my revenge.Dear God.You are the one who granted Ismail to Abraham.You are the one who returns Joseph to Jacob.Please grant my daughter, my only reason for living.Do not make me live without her in this world.-God damn you! Blast you!

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